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Review: Rain: A Natural and Cultural History

It’s Monday once again, and it’s another day at work. Today I’m going to be reviewing Cynthia Barnett’s book Rain: A Natural and Cultural History.

So as I mentioned last week, I’ve really been diving into the non-fiction world, and it has been fun and enjoyable!

Rain: A Natural and Cultural History
Rain: A Natural and Cultural History

Rain: A Natural and Cultural History by: Cynthia Barnett: A non-fiction tale on rain, and how we, as a culture have come to identity with it. Barnett takes into account everything a person can think up that we associate with rain; from the Gods above, to expressions like ‘it’s raining cats and dogs’, it’s covered. It’s an interesting read because it’s so informative on where some of these associations came from. It’s a topic that so many write about, or use as literary device, that one doesn’t often think twice about it, and that’s what Barnett does, she makes the reader think about rain. The book, at times felt choppy in the way it was broken down, and at times felt a little boring just because pages would be full of information that important key notes would get lost in the shuffle of words. That aside, it was an explanatory inside look at the phenomenon that happens every day around the world.


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