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Review: The Rule of Three Trilogy

Hi everyone! Notice anything different?

Yes! I finally changed my name- I hope you all like it as much as I do. I honestly changed it on a whim at work so it fits perfectly! Today I’m going to be reviewing all three novels in the Rule of Three trilogy by Eric Walters.

First off I want to say how excited I was to read this novel, as it takes place in Mississauga, Ontario, which is where I am from. But that excitement was short lived. I got very tired of reading about where I once grew up rather quickly, and I couldn’t stand that the author, Eric Walters, kept spelling things out the American way (without u’s in words that the Canadian spelling has u’s, for example: neighboUrhoods.) Also he kept calling kilometres miles, like why. Did he think that Mississauga would become an American city all of a sudden? It just turned me off. Beyond that it was good, and I hope you enjoy it, and can see past all of that (which I’m sure you can ha). Don’t get me wrong I love Eric Walter’s, heck I even met him in the sixth grade, but he needs to embrace his Canadian, eh.

On a second note, while I was reading the final novel, Will To Survive, the characters were on Mavis Road, while I was driving on it, reading the novel. It felt really trippy. How many novels can you say ‘I’m on the road they’re talking about?’

The Rule of Three
The Rule of Three

The Rule of Thre3 by: Eric Walters: The first novel in the Rule of Three trilogy. They’ve won the battle, but there’s still a war. Adam is an average teenage boy, but when things take a dark turn one horrifying afternoon, he steps up to the plate. It’s not your average black out because anything that is computerized is down too. Unsure what is happening the community has to come together to help each other survive, even when it means giving things. Together, Adam and his elderly neighbour Herb are out to keep the peace and save everyone. It’s an interesting take on a world where our computers don’t work and we have to revert back to older ways of living. The novel also really takes a look on who people really are, because you don’t really know a person until they reach survival mode. The plot was good, engaging, and fast-paced. The characters weren’t predictable, which was great to read. They felt really human because Walters gave them traits that could make the reader believe a real person in that situation would do that. It was a little terrifying to read as well because people just start to turn on each other for basic survival. This novel really puts the reader in those shoes, and you really don’t want to be there. Overall, the first battle is won, and this novel leaves us waiting to find out what is to come.

Fight For Power
Fight For Power

Fight for Power by: Eric Walters: The second novel in the Rule of Three trilogy. This novel is filled with survival. Not too much happens for the majority of the novel. The power is still out, and a few weeks have passed. Herb, with the help of Adam is trying to make sure everyone is doing all right. There are some new characters introduced who live on the outskirts of the town. These new characters are named, Penny, Leonard, Amy, and Sheldon, which makes the reader think someone has the Big Bang Theory on the brain. The novel really picks up near the end when one of the main protagonists, Brett, becomes the full sociopath he really is. He kills innocent people to just get rid of them; he is now after Adam. Adam has to use what he’s learned throughout this whole ordeal to try and save himself and family. This novel was full of filler, but it really brings together what happened in the first novel, and what is to come in the final novel. The way this ended really makes the reader excited to find out how this all ends. Overall, this was not as good as the first, but things can only get better.


Will To Survive
Will To Survive

Will To Survive by: Eric Walters: The third and final novel in the Rule of Three trilogy. In the concluding novel, the reader gets thrown right back into the action of being trapped with no power and trying to stay alive. Adam, the main character, has just shot two men, and that has shaken him up, and really made him think about the person he wants to be. This novel was a lot of Adam becoming the leader he was meant to become; his character went through massive developments, which really pulled the novel together. They have a few enemies that they need to watch out for, and that gives this novel conflict. Walters’ does a great job of creating conflict, and character dynamics that really move the plot to its end goal. The ending was something the reader knew would happen, but it was done where everything wasn’t happily ever after, which was good storytelling. Overall, this trilogy took on basic human survival, and really put it into perspective.


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