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Review: Illusionarium

Hi! Today I’m going to be reviewing Heather Dixon’s novel Illusionarium.


Illusionarium by: Heather Dixon: Jonathan is just a normal teenager ready for university when his world is turned upside down. He finds out he’s an illusionist, where he can control hallucinations. He needs to use this power to help save his family and friends. The novel has a great plot, and the ideas are all really creative, and original, but the execution of the plot wasn’t done well, which is really disappointing. At times it was hard to stay focused on the plot because things dragged on, and it felt like nothing really progressed. The characters were all right, but they weren’t standout characters; they were boring and generic. Dixon has such an elegant and mystical writing style, but it falls short when plots feel stale, and don’t move well. Overall, it’s unfortunate that it this novel couldn’t have been better.


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