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Review: Grim

Hello, and welcome to Monday! Today I’m going to be reviewing a collection of short stories by various young adult authors, Grim.


Grim: A collection of short stories by famous young adult authors. These stories take on the classic Grim tales, and put their own twists on them. The stories are all filled with magic, and the paranormal that gives them something interesting and worthy of reading. Some, more than others, the reader can tell which story is the inspiration for their tale, for example Pinocchio, Beauty and the Beast, and Hansel and Gretel are just a few. Some it seems the author totally reinvents, while others re-write the classic in a more modern day setting, which is good, but a little boring. This collection also puts into perspectives which authors are good at writing short stories, and the ones that have quite cracked the code just yet. Overall, it was fun to read and see all these authors come together to create this piece of work.


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