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Let’s Talk About… Mad Men Season Four

Hello, and welcome to TV Tuesday- today I’m going to be talking about the fourth season of the hit AMC drama Mad Men!


mad men season 4 promo pics 06
Left to right: Jared Harris as Lane Pryce, Robert Morse as Bertram Cooper, John Slattery as Roger Sterling, January Jones as Betty Draper, Jon Hamm as Don Draper, Vincent Kartheiser as Pete Campbell Elizabeth Moss as Peggy Olsen, Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway, Arron Staton as Ken Cosgrove, and Rich Sommer as Harry Crane

This seasons starts off really slow. We open the season with our new ad agency, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. They are trying to figure out everything as they are just getting off the ground. They have a lot of money issues, which has it’s own problems.


They are having a Christmas party that is low scale, that is until Roger opens his big mouth and invites Lee Garner Jr. from Lucky Strikes that it has to become a full out Christmas party. Garner Jr. is one odd guy.




Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce are in the business of gaining new business, although it’s not the easiest. They drop Clearasil because of a conflict with another brand that has a similar product. But then Pete goes to tell his father in law the bad news, and receives really good news instead. He’s going to be a father… Again. He is so thrilled haha. That’s when he turns around and asks for his father in laws whole Vicks company, and that has to be thought about.
They want to gain Honda motorcycles, but Roger is very against it. It’s because of his prejudice about the Asians and the Korean war. They go ahead with it anyways without Roger finding out, and that backfires because he ends up yelling at them. They get a second chance but pretend like they don’t want Honda’s business so that Honda wants to be represented by Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.
Their next adventure is to gain Life cereal. The presentation doesn’t go as planned, Don is drunk because they have come from an award ceremony where they have won an award for one of their commercials. Don pretty much makes a fool out of himself trying to come up with something the client will like on the spot. Turns out they liked an idea that wasn’t even Don’s original idea, it was a kid named Danny who they interviewed that morning.
They only interviewed Danny because he’s Jane’s cousin. They hate him, but find after Don’s stunt they have to hire him. Was Danny Strong always that short!?

Lane accidentally offends Joan by basically thinking she’s just like every other woman, and she gets pissed. Lane tries to apologize with flowers but the wrong flowers get sent to her, and she’s even more pissed. It turns out his wife was not happy either and calls for a divorce. At least Joan got over it. So he spends New Years with Don, and boy do they have the time of their lives.

Let’s talk about Joan. What has happened to her this season? She’s gone complete psycho bitch. First her husband wants to start a family, but he’s going to be a surgeon in the Vietnam war. So she’s angry about that. Second she’s yelling at all the new characters- who are the new creative team. I do have to say the new creative team isn’t the best. The guys, Stanley, Joey, and this other guy who doesn’t get enough air time to remember his name, they are all immature and rude. Joey really gets in Joan’s bad books, so Peggy takes it upon herself to do something about it. She goes to Don who says you don’t want me in there, and tells her to fire him if she wants. So that’s exactly what she does, and Joan is still pissed. And I have to agree with Joan, she had it under control, Peggy kinda thinks she’s better than ever girl in that office.
Peggy is going through a lot this season. She seems to have a new beau, Mark- who thinksshe’s a virgin, and she doesn’t correct him. It’s her birthday and she has plans with Mark, but Don keeps her to try and figure out an ad for a suitcase brand. Don doesn’t realize it’s her birthday, he tells her to go, but she can’t make herself leave. She calls her boyfriend at the restaurant who has a surprise for her, her whole family is there to celebrate, and once that is spoiled because she’s not coming, she gets mad that he asked her mother to come because she hates her mother. They fight and potentially break up. Her work is starting to really be her number one goal. I hate that they brought Duck back. Ugh he was just a complete drunk which was just annoying to watch.

Peggy begins a friendship with a Life magazine editor, Joyce and I swear she’s in love, or has an infatuation with her.She, with the help of one of her friends Abe gets Peggy to start thinking more politically.




Don and Betty are going through with their divorce. Henry has moved in, while Don has moved out. Betty has told Don she will eventually move out and that she’s looking, but Henry tells her that she isn’t even looking. I would hate to be those kids. Sally is not having any of it. She’s pissed at her mother for leaving her father and dating Henry.

Creepy Glen is back. I thought after season two he’d be gone, he was just a background character who was obsessed with Betty, but he’s making his comeback, with Sally. He is so freakin’ weird. He calls her at all hours of the day to talk (I guess to relate since his parents divorced and his mother remarried). But then he goes and trashes their house.

While at her dad’s house he gets a neighbour to babysit, and Sally cuts her hair. She does this because she thinks her dad will like her more if she has short hair. This poor girl has so many issues. Her mother is so not happy about that.

Later on, at a friends house during a sleep over she is caught touching herself which leads Betty to sending her to a shrink. This could be good for Sally.

Sally runs away from home to Don’s office, when she has to return to her mother’s house, she throws a tantrum and Don gets Faye (Dr. Miller) to calm her down because they have met the previous day, but that just makes Sally even madder. Surprisingly it’s Megan (I’m assuming Don’s new secretary) who calms her down.

Don goes back to visit Anna, and we find out she’s dying. She has cancer (although she doesn’t it know it). I’m so sad that they want to kill her off. She is the only person I think Don truly loves, and can be his complete self with. He even becomes Dick when he’s with her. Can she miraculously get better?

Don gets that phone call that he’s been dreading, Anna has passed away. That was sad to watch, the only person Don ever cared about.
Don’s now dating since Betty is now married to Henry. Because of this I feel like that’s why we don’t get much Betty this season. We literally go episodes without her in it. And her only real plot it feels is being mad at Don. And Henry is pissed about that.
So Don starts dating a real young girl named Bethany, but it looks like he has real feelings for Dr. Miller who has been in the office to conduct studies.

It only took four seasons for someone to finally see, and say that Don is a bad person! Finally! Alice, Don’s latest secretary went off on him after he slept with her and pretended to care about her, then turned around and treated her like trash. So she threw stuff at him and stormed out of the office, amen sister.

But his new secretary is a hoot. Ms. Blankenship is an old executive secretary but she’s going blind and deaf. She’s obviously added for comedic relief, because man is she funny. It’s too bad they killed her off! She just dies unexpectedly at her desk. Am I a bad person for finding that scene funny?



We get the story of how Roger and Don met. God Don was such a doofus back then. Always grinning, it was a little creepy. Don was working at a coat shop, and Roger went in to buy Joan a coat. Roger notices the ad they have in the store, Don says he wrote it, and I guess Roger was impressed. Roger clearly does not like Don, but somehow they became best friends. This all comes out because Roger is writing a memoir, why, who knows.

Kenny is back! Ken Gosgrove is back in action as he’s combining forces with Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (lord that is a mouthful). It’s good to see him returning to the show, as I’m not a fan of some of the new characters.

Near the end of the season, Don, Joan and the whole SCDP Company find themselves in hot water. First North American Aviation is looking into a background check, and Don is in question by the FBI. Betty spends time answering questions, and lying to protect him. This causes a lot of pressure on Don, who eventually tells Faye the truth about himself. I find it interesting how he just opens up and tells her even though he hasn’t known her long.

Since Pete brought in the account he has to make up some bullshit excuse as to why SCDP no longer have them as a client. This makes Roger mad, because the night before he got the news that they could be loosing Lucky Strikes, their top client, and the one that makes all the money. Then on top of that Lane declares he’s taking a leave to reconnect with his family to fix it. Where will this company go? I love how they just spring a secret lover on Lane, like what, he’s all of a sudden got a black girlfriend (which is very scandalous). So what does Don do, he writes a letter and sends it to the New York Times (who publish it) stating he no longer wants SCDP to do business with cigarette companies. Way to lose business that’s for sure.

Then there’s Joan, who is pregnant… with Roger’s baby. They hooked up, and it can’t be her husband’s as he’s overseas in the war. She goes to get an abortion, but does she really do it? In the season finale we find out, she in fact did not get an abortion and she will be having this baby!

Speaking of babies, Pete and Trudy have their baby, a girl! We haven’t seen her yet, or know of her name, but I’m sure that will come next season.

As the season winds down we find out that Lucky Strikes is no longer s client with SCDP, and the makes all their other clients antsy and unsure. They start to loose business. It isn’t until Peggy brings in Topaz panty hose, a multi million-dollar client. This will help them bounce back, but Don’s news out trumps Peggy’s news, he’s getting married.

Let’s back step a moment, he’s still with Faye, a girl he has told everything pretty much to, when he takes a trip to California with his kids and asks his new secretary to join them to help watch them, (as Betty fired Carla, more on this). Now at first I didn’t like Megan, she was just another girl who was falling for Don, big whoop, she’s supposed to be a Peggy, but she is no Peggy.

But I do like the way she handles the children, so I can live with the two of them getting married. Spur of the moment Don proposes to her, and she says yes. This should be interesting.

Things look like they’re looking up for season five.

Now to Betty, she fires Carla for letting Glen see Sally, which was a little over the top. I love when Henry finds out because he’s so honest and up front, and takes no bullshit from her. I know Betty has been through a lot with Don, but sometimes she’s just a complete bitch. Betty has also decided it’s finally time to move (that is after she found out Sally had been meeting Glen) and so they are moving. Does this mean it’s the end of Glen? I have a feeling it’s not.

I’m a little excited to find out what season five has up it’s sleeve, this season was good after a bit of a sleepy second and third season. I want to be happy I stuck around.



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