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Review: The Walls Around Us

Happy Monday! I hope your day is going well, even though it’s Monday! Today I’m going to be reviewing Nova Ren Suma’s novel The Walls Around Us.

The Walls Around Us
The Walls Around Us

The Walls Around Us by: Nova Ren Suma: The story of three girls whose lives intertwine with each other. The story mostly revolves around Orianna and how she got sent to a juvenile detention centre. The reader gets the perspective of her best friend Violet on the outside, and from Amber’s perspective on the inside. The story is never told in Orianna’s perspective and that’s what gives the novel the sense of mystery, and a little but of horror, as you don’t know the real truth of Orianna’s sentence. The novel was told well; the author used metaphors to create pretty, or not so pretty, pictures of her characters, and the lives they live. The plot had suspense to keep the reader reading, with a hint of fantasy to really make it interesting. The characters fluctuated between first and third person, which made it a little hard to read, but helped to distinguish whose perspective the reader was reading. Overall it was a captivating read that is purely original.


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