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Review: Triangles & Tilt

Welcome to another edition of Throwback Thursday! On this Thursday I’m going to be posting my review of Ellen Hopkins’s novels Triangles and the teen companion Tilt.

Read: December 2013


Triangles by: Ellen Hopkins: Like all her other novels, this one is written in poems, only this one is not a young adult novel. This is an adult novel starring three middle-aged women all going through a crisis in their life. All three women know each other and their lives intertwine as the book continues. It’s a great novel dealing with issues that pertain to women, whether they are single, or married with children. The pace of the novel was quick as well because of the way Hopkins writes her books. Overall, it’s definitely a great novel to read if you’re looking for something fast to read, but it’s heavy on the details.




Read: February 2014


Tilt by: Ellen Hopkins: The story continues from her novel Triangles only in the eyes of the children. In Triangles we saw how the adults felt about things going on in their lives. In Tilt we see how the kids react to what their parents go through on top of what they have to go through. The novel deals with teen pregnancy, the loss of a sibling, and first loves. It’s a great novel, which puts into perspective how some kids feel. It was a good novel, though the ending made it feel like there is more to come out of this, the story isn’t over yet, and maybe it’s not. Overall, it was well crafted. Hopkins poems are brilliant and well put together.





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