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Review: The Start of Me and You

Hello! I hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤ Today here in (most of Canada) is Family Day, so if you’re celebrating I hope your having a nice relaxing day, if not- Happy Monday! 🙂 Today I’m going to be reviewing Emery Lord’s novel The Start of Me and You.

First off, yes I know the novel’s title is grammatically incorrect, but if you read the novel you’ll find out why. Second I want to just say that I did really like this novel, but the main character felt like a rip off of Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. The way the author describes how the two main characters first see each other, is the same way Rory and Dean first see each other- that was kind of disappointing, since it was flat, and a little weird, even in Gilmore Girls. 


The Start of Me and You
The Start of Me and You

The Start of Me and You by: Emery Lord: Paige Hancock is slowly recovering from a complete tragedy, and as the reader indulges deeper into the novel we learn tragedy strikes, but we can always overcome it. Thinking her life will only get better by making a list of things to accomplish, Paige slowly realizes it’s not the list that will get her through her grieving, or her life, but just opening herself up to possibilities. And that’s just what she does, joins a club, meets new friends, and slowly falls in love. This novel started off as your typical teen romance, and it felt like there was nothing original in the plot; but moving through the novel it’s not so typical. Taking the reader for a trip, as Paige falls in love was fun to be apart of; the author did a really great job creating the scenes and dialogue because it felt very relatable. The characters had their quirks and were enjoyable to read. Overall, it turned out to be better than what’s first expected.


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