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Review: House of Night Novella Collections

Hello! Welcome to Throwback Thursday! On this fabulous Thursday I figured since I posted my review of the House of Night series, I thought I should post my reviews of  the House of Night novella collections from P.C. & Kristin Cast!

Yes I actually went ahead and read these novellas- as much as I got tired of the story, I decided maybe these back stories will make it better. And well it did and it didn’t.

Dragon's Oath (House of Night, #1)
Dragon’s Oath

Dragon’s Oath by: P.C. & Kristin Cast: This is a short novella from the House of Night series. In this novella the reader gets to see the in depth of the life of Dragon Lankford. The reader learns not only about his life, but about his love life, and the person in which he falls in love with. It’s a cute little book that gives you the inside on this major character. The novella was written the same way the House of Night novels are set up. The authors also left clues to what will come in following novels. Overall it was a good insight to other characters who you don’t normally get insight from.





Lenobia's Vow (House of Night, #2)
Lenobia’s Vow

Lenobia’s Vow by: P.C & Kristin Cast:  A second novella from the House of Night series. This one tells the story of Lenobia, a professor at the house of night who is closest to Zoey the main character. This, like the past novellas tell the story of Lenobia’s life before she was turned into a vampire. The story was gripping and wonderful. It made the reader believe in love, no matter who you are. It is a cute little side story giving more detail to the House of Night series and the characters that have become prominent characters.





Neferet's Curse (House of Night, #3)
Neferet’s Curse

Neferet’s Curse by: P.C. & Kristin Cast: Another novella that branches out from the House of Night novels. In this one we go into the past to see where Neferet comes from. It starts when her mother passes away, and she is left in the care of her father, which is not very good. He pretends she is his wife and not his daughter, all she wants do is get away. This novella made the reader feel bad for Neferet. She is the enemy in the novels and now the reader feels like she has been the one being picked on. It reverses the roles and shows why she turned evil in the first place. It was very interesting to read and to find out more about one of the main characters.





Kalona's Fall (House of Night, #4)
Kalona’s Fall

Kalona’s Fall by: P.C. & Kristin Cast: A House of Night novella starring the character Kalona. Like all the other novellas, this one tells the story of how Kalona came into existence. The reader learns who his character is, what his purpose is in the House of Night novels and gives insight into how his character plays a role in the series. But overall reading the novella was really boring. Sure he is an important character in the novels but the way this was written just comes across as really dull, and that his character didn’t need his own separate book. Maybe it’s a foresight into the last House of Night novel, the reader can only find out.


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