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Review: Between The Lines & Off The Page

Hi! I hope everyone is having a good week so far! Today I’m going to be reviewing Jodi Picoult and her daughter Samantha Van Leer’s novel Between the Lines and it’s sequel Off The Page.

These novels, especially the first really spoke to me since I could relate so well to the main character, always having my nose stuck in a book. But wouldn’t it be great if the character you loved the most could find a way out of the book to actually be with you? Life would be perfect. Right?

Between The Lines
Between The Lines

Between the Lines by: Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer: What happens when a fairy tale starts talking to you? Everyone around you thinks you’re crazy. This is what happens to Delilah when she reads the story she’s read a million times. It’s a magical read of what goes on inside a book when no one is reading it, as well when a character wants to get out of the story. It’s up to Delilah to save the Prince and set him free. The writing entrapped the reader with the words that were written. It’s a beautiful love story between a prince and a girl. It’s completely creative the novel which keeps you reading more. Definitely worth checking out if you love reading a lot!




Off The Page
Off The Page

Off The Page by: Jodi Picoult & Samantha Van Leer: The continuation to their novel Between The Lines; we pick up, not quite where we left off, but close. Oliver is now living in the real world, dating Delilah, and pretending to be Edgar, while Edgar lives in the fairy tale book. It’s not easy stepping out of a fairy tale, but as the novel continues the reader gets to find out some of the silly, and more serious plots to dating a prince. Everything is going well, or relatively well, until Edgar’s mother gets sick. This shifts the novels focus, and it becomes a battle of getting Edgar out of the story and back to his mother to save her. As much as it was fun to read, the reader knew what was coming before it came, it’s a novel about happily ever afters, and of course there is going to be one in this story. Although the novel wasn’t as exciting as the first one, this novel managed to entice the reader with dialogue that was funny, and characters who brought the dialogue to life. It’s definitely worth reading if you’ve read Between the Lines.


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