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Review: House of Night Series

Hi! Welcome to Throwback Thursday! In this weeks edition I thought it was finally time to post my House of Night reviews by P.C and Kristen Cast.

This series got so long and tedious that I started to read it just to find out how it would all go down. I really did enjoy the first six, but then it just started getting repetitive. Let me know if you’ve read this series, what you thought of it!

Marked (House of Night #1)

Marked by: P.C. & Kristen Cast: The first novel in the House of Night series. Zoey Redbird finds herself marked as a vampire where she is the new girl at new place. She ends up becoming one of the new special ones to show up at the school, most typical of a novel. The novel was written in the point of view of Zoey, and as she is a teenager, the reader gets the sense of how a teenagers mind works. Young adults will like it because it relates to them, but adults would also find it enjoyable because of the way it is written. Though written like a teenager it’s quite entertaining how their thoughts and minds work.





Betrayed (House of Night, #2)


Betrayed by: P.C. & Kristen Cast: The second novel in the House Of Night series where Zoey Redbird has a whole bunch of new challenges to face. Though most of the time she finds herself sad and crying. The second novel is definitely not a happy book. This novel just like the first, is written in the point of view of Zoey and is written like a teenager which makes the series really easy to read and makes it an enjoyable read. The first novel was better then this one, though there are many books after this to see where Zoey goes next!






Chosen (House of Night #3)

Chosen by: P.C. & Kristen Cast: The third novel in the House of Night series where everything falls apart for poor Zoey. This is the juicy novel. When Zoey does a bunch of things without telling her friends things get ugly while her three boyfriends problem gets solved. This novel was so hard to put down it has the reader wanting to read more. The tone is still mostly the same but the overall story and plotline has grown from the first novel. This is one of the best novels in the series, the one with the most drama and action. Definitely worth it to read the first two books to get to this one!






Untamed (House of Night #4)

Untamed by: P.C. & Kristen Cast: The fourth novel in the House of Night series. This time everyone is together and rightfully declared as friends, but the fact that they’re together, doesn’t mean they’re safe! Something mysterious is about to behold but we only get a sense of it until the next novel. This novel wasn’t as good as the past novel. If anything it was fast paced and a little boring. At times the reader thought that what they really think isn’t going to happen, and it might become a twist but things get pretty predictable. Hopefully the next novel is more entertaining.





Hunted (House of Night, #5)




Hunted by: P.C. & Kristen Cast: The fifth novel in the House of Night series. When does this series ever end? It’s the on going story of Zoey Redbird and her friends trying to fight the fight between good and evil. Only this time, she has to get rid of an evil “god” that has been “reborn” from the earth. This novel starts off with a lot of talking about blood, so readers who are squeamish about blood, just a suggestion, may want to avoid this novel. The novel felt just like any other one in this series, with some serious butt kicking near the end that was worth reading the whole novel for.




Tempted (House of Night, #6)

Tempted by: P.C. & Kristen Cast: The sixth novel in the House of Night series. In this novel the reader is taken to Venice, Italy for a change of scenery. Zoey still has to choose between good and evil, and though she believes there is good in everyone, it doesn’t help her in the end. The difference in this novel is the reader gets some perspective changes. Though the reader gets to see what her best friend Stevie Rae does, it’s told in third person so we as the reader don’t get the full sense of her perspective. There are many points of view that go through the novel that give the novel a fresh look after so many!





Burned (House of Night, #7)



Burned by: P.C. & Kristen Cast: The seventh novel in the House Of Night series. This novel doesn’t focus so much on the main character Zoey Redbird, but in a way it does, but differently. Instead of the story being about her with her in it, it’s about saving her and all her friends are there trying to bring her back. The best story line is a new one with her best friend Stevie Rae and her new boy toy who is an enemy, but she sees the good in him. It’s cute and this one is done a little differently to get a fresh sense of the progression that will continue throughout this series. The different perspectives help move the story along.





Awakened (House of Night, #8)

Awakened by: P.C. & Kristen Cast: The eighth novel in the House of Night series. This novel really isn’t about Zoey, it’s a shift from the storyline being about Zoey for so many novels, now it’s about Stevie Rae, her best friend and the struggles that she faces herself. It’s her turn to be part of it all instead of Zoey. This novel is very much done like the previous in novel for style. The language is very teenager-ish, and at some points the reader would wish that the writing could be better than it is. Though the novel is supposed to be portrayed that a teenager is thinking these thoughts and not an eloquent writer.






Destined (House of Night, #9)



Destined by: P.C. & Kristen Cast: The ninth novel in the House of Night series. Darkness is surrounding this novel. Everything is touched by darkness. Evil is mixed with goodness, it’s up to the side who chose the path of goodness to try and stop evil. Though in this novel evil and darkness have still not been defeated, but love does triumph. This novel introduced new characters and some characters with new looks for a fresh take to the long series. Death is a big factor in the book where it happens more then anyone would like. The reader hopes goodness can break through and triumph soon!





Hidden (House of Night, #10)


Hidden by: P.C. & Kristen Cast: The tenth novel in the House of Night series, where we continue where we left off in the previous novel. Good verses evil. This novel was written just like the past nine, and maybe when you first start to read a series it’s great, new characters plot line moving, but once the reader gets to the tenth novel in a series it starts to sound dull. The characters sounded really whiny and immature (even though they are teenagers), but the characters and plot just didn’t hold out for the tenth novel. Not looking forward to the eleventh novel.





Revealed (House of Night, #11)


Revealed by: P.C. & Kristen Cast: The eleventh novel in the House of Night series. In the past the reader has learned that Neferet is bad, and in this novel she has taken her bad side out on humans. The humans are blaming the vampires at the school of doing it because they believe Neferet is good. A lot of Old Magic is being used to make people angry which doesn’t help the vampires situation. The novel was well written and fast paced because the authors made it interesting to read by not giving everything all away. Now the reader had to wait for the next novel in the series to find out how this will truly end… or not end.





Redeemed (House of Night, #12)


Redeemed by: P.C. & Kristen Cast: The twelfth and final novel in the House of Night series. It only took twelve books, but here we are at the end. The novel was like most of the novels, about fighting the good fight, and choosing love and light over darkness and hate. The main character Zoey must face for the last time, and defeat the bad guy, Neferet. The novel is super cheesy, and most of the novel characters are crying, which is super annoying to read. The plotline was predictable because the reader has a sense of what is going to happen. There were a lot of character points of views in this novel, a lot of new characters that was made to enhance the novel, but does an okay job of it. The ending was all right; it closed off all loose ends so there aren’t any questions left. Overall, as a series, it was good, it could have been better if it wasn’t so cheesy, but that could be one of its appeals, a guilty pleasure. Not the best vampire series out there, but an okay one.



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