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Review: Identical

Hi everyone, I hope everyone’s week is treating them well! I came up with an idea that I’m surprised hasn’t hit me yet. Last week I decided to finally post my Fault in Our Stars review, and that got me thinking, Thursdays can be a Throwback Thursday kind of deal, I’ll dig up a review from the past that I haven’t uploaded here and share it. I hope you guys are just as excited about this as I am!

For my first official tbt I’ll be re-reviewing Ellen Hopkins Identical.


Identical by: Ellen Hopkins: Not one of Hopkins best pieces of work, but it does take you for a good loop right at the end. It’s the story of a pair of twins, Raeanna and Kaeleigh, who live their life in fear. Their fear is of their father who does bad things. Ever since an accident came and turned the family upside down the girls have lived in fear. It’s a slow novel to get into. The reader is left to wonder what is the point of this novel, it almost feels like it’s going nowhere until the last 50 pages which is really daring to do since you could lose readers that way. But if you continue to the end it’s worth it, you just have to wait a long while for it to get really good.



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