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Review: Delicious Foods

Hello everyone, happy Monday! Today I’m going to be reviewing James Hannaham’s novel Delicious Foods.

I have to admit, I didn’t really know what I was getting into when I started reading this novel. I have a tendency to not read the synopses before I read a book- I know this sounds crazy, like how do you know what the novel is about, you must be thinking? Usually I’ve heard things about a novel before I read it so I know a little about it without having to read the little blurb at the front or back cover of the book. But this novel I saw in a Goodreads email, and I decided to take up reading books from there again.

Delicious Foods
Delicious Foods

Delicious Foods by: James Hannaham: Darlene was a happy wife and mother, that is until her husband Nat is murdered. Stating there isn’t enough evidence to continue the case, Darlene descends on long spiral trip towards crack cocaine, and a life working for Delicious Foods. Leaving her poor eleven-year-old son, Eddie, behind he is left to find her. Reuniting at Delicious Foods their lives become anything close to easy; living in harsh conditions, and with a mother high on the drug, trying to escape is slim to none. This novel definitely told an incredible story of trials and tribulations. The author gives the reader a snippet of what’s to come in the prologue, but it’s nothing like what the reader would come to expect from the novel. It started off slow, but quickly started to pick up momentum as each chapter passed. The points of view in this novel were very well done; Hannaham really gave a voice to the drug that Darlene was hooked on, and truly brought it to life. This novel was something a little different, original, and worth reading.


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