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Review: The Fault in our Stars

Hi everyone! I thought it time that I should post my review of the infamous Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

Posting an older review today! Finding these reviews is like finding treasure sometimes because I completely forget what I said about a certain novel. My view still stands on liking this novel, I just forgot how much I actually liked it haha!

But I really did enjoyed this novel, I just hate all the hype there was for it. I didn’t care much for the adaptation of it, which felt like they needed to cram in everything from the novel, and that is not the basis for a good adaptation. The point is to get the feel of the novel, and I think the directors missed that mark- BUT anywho’s, my novel review!

The Fault in Our Stars
The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault in our Stars by: John Green: The story of Hazel, a cancer patient who lives her life at home, until one day she meets Augustus and her life changes. Augustus is this charming guy who also has cancer, but together the two of them find happiness. The story is sweet and beautifully written. It’s written about true love, the purest form of love there is. While you read it, it’s the kind of love you wish for and aspire for. And as much as it is beautiful, there is pain in it too. The story couldn’t be told without pain. In the end it is still a wonderfully crafted novel that makes you want to read, even if it gets sad because it is just that good.



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