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Movie Review: Sex and The City 1&2

Hello all! Today is a bonus post! This is to make up for being a horrible blogger last week- since I only posted twice! I’m going to be reviewing the movies Sex and The City. 

*Note there are spoilers to the movie, and the TV show in this post- reader discretion is advised.

Now if you’re a big Sex and The City fan, the first movie is everything you wanted and more. The second, was a waste of time. If that doesn’t give you any indication on how my reviews will be like, just continue reading!

Sex and The City

Sex and The City: The girls are back, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York, Miranda Hobbes, and of course Carrie Bradshaw. It is years later, and everyone is battling with their lives. Charlotte and Harry are living well with their puppies and daughter, Lily. Samantha is still with Smith, and she’s completely in love with him, which scares her because she is not the loving type. Miranda is still with Steve, and they still live in Brooklyn with their sweet boy Brady. Then Carrie and Mr. Big are still together. The whole film revolved around Carrie’s wedding, the drama of finally marrying Mr. Big after all this time. It was a good movie to give fans of the TV series a glimpse into where the characters they fell in love with are. The plots were really well done, and it really felt like an extension to the show. This movie was necessary, like say the Veronica Mars movie was, but it still entertaining. The characters still felt the same, and the drama was on par with the rest of the franchise. Overall, it is a welcomed addition to the series.


Sex and The City 2

Sex and The City 2: This film opens on yet another wedding, only it’s not the wedding the viewer is expecting. Stamford is getting married! Now if the film had only spent more time on that plotline, and less on the rest, it would have made for an entertaining and well-done film. But that plot lasted the first twenty minutes, and then the girls take a trip to Abu, Dhabi to escape their crazy hectic, and for some motherhood lives. This film just fell so flat. Carrie runs into Aidan, and this causes problems in her relationship to Big. Miranda and Charlotte drown in motherhood, and Samantha is just there. The plots weren’t exciting; they weren’t really interesting either. It almost felt like the actors just kind of gave up playing their roles. It was great to see Stamford get married, but this film probably shouldn’t have existed otherwise. If you’re a Sex and the City fan, save yourself the trouble, and skip the last chapter.


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