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Review: Between the Cracks She Fell

Hello! Today I’m going to be reviewing Lisa de Nikolits’, a dear friend of mine, novel Between the Cracks She Fell.

Now just because I’m friends with the writer doesn’t mean I wrote this review to impress. This review was actually one of the hardest reviews I’ve ever had to write, and it’s because I truly loved the novel, and I wanted to be fair and not sound biased.

Between the Cracks She Fell
Between the Cracks She Fell

Between the Cracks She Fell by: Lisa de Nikolits: Joscelyn had everything she wanted, a house, a job, a man, until she didn’t. Loosing everything all at once, she is then faced with what to do next in her life. Wanting a simple summer to relax and lie low, turns into a summer where Joscelyn is into everybody’s business. As the plot began to unravel, the reader found that plotlines started to snowball into one another. Dealing heavily with religion, this novel really takes on and tries to tackle some of the bigger issues with organized religions. The novel was simply engrossing, and really swallowed the reader into the world of the characters. De Nikolits’ characters were so believable they almost walked right off the page. Her characters were fresh, and dynamic who really stood out. The storytelling was remarkable, and really well crafted. This novel had just the right amount of thriller to keep the reader on their toes, leaving them craving more. Ending on a positive note, the reader just wants to know where Joscelyn’s journeys will take her next because we don’t want it to end.


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