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Review: The Skinjacker Trilogy

Happy New Year! I hope every had a good New Years and that the new year is treating everyone well. I know it’s treating me well!

Before I get to my regularly scheduled post, I wanted to take some time to lay down my plans for 2016. First off, I was thinking of changing the way my blog looks, so there will be some construction going on for the next couple of days/weeks. And second, my posting schedule. I can’t do five days a week anymore because there is just isn’t enough time in my day to do so- so I’m limiting it down to three. I’m going for a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday kind of deal. My TV Tuesdays will be bonus posts because they take the most time to produce. As well my Friday movie posts are bonus posts as well.

So there you have it, my public service announcement over, now back to my review of The Skinjacker trilogy by Neal Shusterman.

The first, and really only thing I want to say about this trilogy is I’ve never encountered a character who had the same initials as me (MMM) let alone had the same first two names Megan Mary (although the character spells her first name a little different than me). I was shocked, what are the odds? I also would like to say I’m nothing like that character, as she is the antagonist.

Everlost (Skinjacker, #1)

Everlost by: Neal Shusterman: The first novel in the Skinjacker trilogy. Allie and Nick live two separate lives, but when a fateful car crash occurs it brings them together in this place called Everlost. They aren’t alive, but they aren’t completely dead, just sprits. Together the two of them try to find their way around, through the good and the bad, they face every obstacle only for the story to come full circle. Now readers have to wait until the next book to find out more. The story was introspective about what happens once you die. The novel was told with great storytelling using good and evil, as well as monsters. It’s sure to catch readers’ attentions. It was something different to read that makes it readable. Overall it is a captivating story.



Everwild by: Neal Shusterman: The second novel in the Skinjacker trilogy. All of the characters we met in the first novel have separated, but slowly as the novel continues, they are all brought back together. Mary Hightower, the queen of Everlost, is rebuilding her army to take over, and keep everyone in Everlost. Allie is learning the art of skinjacking, and what it really means, and Nick just wants to stop Mary. The conflicts and plotlines in this novel were really well done. Plots moved with ease, and characters slowly developed and grew so the reader could really understand where they were coming from, and really relate to them. Shusterman has a way with telling a story, the pages just flew by. It was a very action packed novel, with some romance, not the gushy kind, but the heartfelt kind. Overall, it was an eventful follow up novel, and the way this one ended, shows that the last will be just as good.


Everfound by: Neal Shusterman: The third novel in the Skinjacker trilogy. Mary Hightower is on a mission, and that is to extinguish the living world, and make Everlost the one true world where she can rule everybody. Only there are a few things standing in her way; one, she’s got an enemy, Allie- the Outcast, a deviant Afterlight who can skinjack, and two, she’s asleep in a coffin waiting to be reborn back into Everlost. But Mary’s got her own henchmen to help her complete the mission. This novel was the ending readers waited for. It was intense with suspense and action. The novel could go all of two ways, and although it was kind of predictable where it was all heading, the author gave some good twists and turns to lead the reader off. The characters all definitely went through developments, from the beginning to the end, some more so than others, but in the end played out well. It was also a nice rounded out ending, as we got to see an end for all the characters. Overall, this trilogy was original, and well thought out, definitely recommended.

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