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Review: Rumble

Hello! Today I’m going to be reviewing Ellen Hopkins’ novel Rumble.


Rumble by: Ellen Hopkins: Matt Turner has had a hard life, and has no faith in anything. After loosing his younger brother, life just gets harder. He’s a very political, atheist, teenager, who’s dating a Christian girl with strong beliefs. As the novel goes on, Matt learns a lot through conversations and encounters with his girlfriend, his parents, and his teachers, all of whom he doesn’t quite get along with. But as things take a very drastic turn of events, he starts to slowly find some faith. It’s a very gripping and intense novel. Told in Hopkins style, poems, it really gives the novel that chilling factor about the reality of how true it is to teenagers’ lives. It was a really well, written, well thought out and researched novel, and Hopkins’ characters are very believable and real. Overall, yes Hopkins has written about some of these issues before, but in this novel they are presented in a different way that makes this novel really well done.


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