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Let’s Talk About… Breaking Bad- Season Five

Hello, and happy Thursday! Today I’m going to be talking about the fifth, and last season of Breaking Bad.

This starting to become a Thursday thing…

I’m sorry that I’ve been so M.I.A- you get  three day vacation and all sense of order and schedule go out the window. I’m also thinking this may be my last TV blog for the year (I still haven’t decided) so if you don’t see one until January- this is why. I may also be slowing my posts down for the holidays just because I have zero time for anything. Just a heads up! On we go!

Season five starts with Walt on the lamb. He’s hiding out, and going by a different name.

After the opening sequence we are thrown right back to where season four left off. Everyone is safe now that Gus is dead. And Walt is throwing away the Lily of the Valley plant, so he knows.

Saul tries to get himself out of his mess with Walt, but Walt is not having that so Saul must stay. I love how Saul has become their bitch pretty much haha.

Mike is alive and well in Mexico, that is until he gets the call that Gus is dead leaving him very pissed off at Walt, because he knows he was the one who did it. They meet in the desert where Mike is so close to killing Walt, but Jesse steps in. Jesse’s loyalty to Walt is crazy, he will not let Walt die. He will die to protect him at times it’s crazy. The only reason Walt contacted Mike was because he realized that Gus had cameras and blowing up the building wasn’t enough, there is still proof that they were there, so Walt asks Mike where the footage is. It’s on a laptop in police custody. Trying to come with how to destroy it, it’s Jesse who pipes up a plan that will work. Magnets. Ha! That was a great scene. Poor Jesse says magnets at least five times before they think it’s a genius idea. So they get this big ass magnet that is used to pick up cars, and it in the end destroys the laptop by smashing it against a wall due to the force of this thing.

We also learn that Ted isn’t dead! He was in a coma, Skyler goes to see him, and he says he won’t say anything so that’s a good thing.

This leads Skyler to spiral into a depression, we’re first to think it’s because of Ted, but we soon learn it’s because of Walt. She is back to being afraid of him. It’s like we’re taking steps back here. She decided to get into this with Walt, he already told her he was the danger, but now she’s back to being frightened of him and she doesn’t want him to be around his children because she fears for their lives. This plot to me is weak and going in the wrong direction, since we’ve already been here. But as we continue on she does get a little better, I really start to hate Walt, but I’ll get to that.

Walt is now doing things on his own now that he killed Gus. He wants to work with Jesse and Mike. But Mike is not in the mood to work with those two. But he soon changes his mind when he finds out the DEA are on to him and his people. His people won’t be getting their money that they need so Mike needs to join Walt in order to be making money for them. This leads us to Hank and his questioning into all of Mike’s guys. He knows that there is someone in charge who is keeping the guys in line but he doesn’t have anything to prove its Mike; but he knows.

Now that they’re cooking again they need supplies, and a place to cook. What do they do, they go looking, but everywhere has something wrong with it. They settle on houses. Exterminated houses. Working with these exterminators, who are thieves, they will cover the house, this lets Walt and Jesse in to cook and get out, and then they exterminate the house.

Next they need a supply of methylamine, they are about to steal it from one of Mike’s guys; who’s actually a girl named Lydia, but she seems like a loose cannon to Mike. They find there is tracker on the bottom of the tankard, and Mike thinks Lydia put it there. With a little spy-work, they find out someone in the police department put it there. So Lydia helps them come up with this ingenious plan, to steal a bunch from a freight train. That was some insane shit! They rope in this new guy Todd to help, who later becomes a big role.

They finish up and notice a boy has seen them, he doesn’t know what they did, but Todd’s first instinct is to shoot him. And that’s right what he does. And this kills Jesse inside. My heart goes out to Jesse; he’s just got a big ol’ heart. They then vote on whether to keep Todd in or out. It’s a vote yes, which Jesse is not okay with, and you can tell he wants out right there.

Mike and Jesse both what out of this all, but Walt just wants to keep cooking. We get a bit of an explanation why Walt is so determined to keep going. He tells Jesse that he regrets walking away from the company he started years ago, Brain Matter, he sold is share for 5,000 dollars and it’s now worth over a billion. He doesn’t want to make that mistake again, so he’s going to continue to cook.

Mike on the other hand has plans; he meets up with a meth producer from Phoenix about selling what’s left of their product. Walt wants no part in this, and struggles with Mike to stop this from happening. He even comes up with a plan that will make each of them happy. He works with the guy in Phoenix, while the other two get their share of the money. At first the guy from Phoenix is not having it, until he finds out he’s Heisenberg.

Mike is officially out at this point, and poor Jesse just wants out, but Walt keeps asking him for favours. Walt is now cooking with Todd, so he’s the new Jesse.

We have Hank, who has gotten himself a promotion, but he still has ‘a hard on’ as they say in the show for pursuing Mike. He is told to stop, but Hank’s still got a few things up his sleeve. He goes after the lawyer who puts the money in Mike’s guys safe deposit boxes. That really leads to Mike, and he’s another loose cannon, so what does Walt do, oh you know he shoots him; he freakin’ shoots him! I was so mad, and I can’t stand Walt, he’s just killing people left and right, ugh. Like sure yes finding Mike can lead to Walt, but killing Mike, I didn’t like it. Then what does Walt do, he lies to Jesse about killing Mike. Ugh.

Skyler shows Walt to a storage unit she has, and inside is the biggest crate of money ever. Skyler doesn’t even know how much is there because it came in too fast, and in huge quantities for her to count it all. This satisfies Walt into backing out of the meth business, he’s made his billion. He even shares some with Jesse.

I’m going to take back everything I ever said about Walt and Jesse’s relationship. He’s just been manipulating Jesse the whole time, and it’s all revealed when Walt can no longer trust Jesse anymore. When Jesse doesn’t take his one-way ticket to getting a new life, Walt get’s a little nervous. And he should be because Jesse goes to douse Walt’s house in gasoline, but he doesn’t get to light it up because guess who stops him, Hank.

So Hank has found out Walt is the guy he’s been looking for, he is his Heisenberg. He found this out by finding a book in Walt’s bathroom that has handwriting that matches a book Gail had. From there it’s a spiral of realization for Hank, and he can’t believe it. When Walt goes over to see how Hank is, that’s when Hank confronts him. Walt tries to deny it, but realizes that he can’t lie his way out this time.

Hank and Jesse start to work together to take down Walt. They know that they can get him with his money, because Walt is so close to his money. Because he cares so much about it, he moved it from the storage unit and placed it in barrels and buried them in the desert, the first place him and Jesse first cooked. Interesting and probably not a coincidence.

Walt gets the text from Jesse that he’s found his money, and is threatening to burn it all, so he drives out there in a hurry. Thinking Jesse is alone, he calls Todd to tell his uncle that Jesse is coming to kill him.


I do have to add here, since Walt quit the business, Lydia has taken over, and Todd is doing the cooking, but he’s not very good at it, as it’s not even blue.

Once Walt knows that Jesse isn’t alone, he tells Todd not to come, but what do they do, come anyways. Hank gets Walt arrested and ready to bring to the station, but it doesn’t go much farther than that. It becomes a full out gun war. Hank gets shot, and once Todd’s uncle Jack and his guys find out that he’s DEA; well Hank is done, shot in the head that kills him. Walt is trying to get him to stop, but Walt’s protests obviously do nothing. But Jesse still needs to be killed, but instead of killing him right away, they take him, torture him, and Todd is going to make him cook. Poor Jesse.

Skyler finds out that Walt has been arrested from Marie, but they go home. Oh man when Walt Jr. finds out, he’s so shocked he can’t wrap his mind around anything! Walt is at home when they get home, and he tells them to pack. But Skyler wants to know what happened to Hank. Walt can’t say the truth, so he tries to say as much truth as he can, but Skyler is pissed. She takes a knife and the two of them get into knife fight that is until Walt Jr. breaks them up and calls the police. That’s when Walt leaves, and takes Holly, the little baby with him, that poor baby. But in the end he gives her back because he has one thing left he has to do.

Now, for the series finale, first off, I thought it was done well, they gave each character, and Walt’s relation to that character an ending and I really liked that. The fact that Walt just dies in the end, well I didn’t care for that.

So the last episode continues where the first episode left off- Walt on the lamb. We learn that him and Saul have used a guy to give them new identities. Walt stays in a cabin for a month, (or more I’m not really sure) but he leaves because he wants to give all his money to his family. He knows his family won’t take it, so he goes to Gretchen and Elliot. He wants them to give his family all his money in the form of a check, and if they don’t he has hit men lined up ready to kill.

He finds out that the blue meth is still on the market, and Skinny Pete and Badger (Jesse’s friends) think he was still cooking, which can only mean that Jesse is still cooking. Walt thinks that Todd’s uncle Jack has ganged up with Jesse and instead of killing him, made him his partner, which is far from the truth. I feel so bad for Jesse; he is prisoner. He tried to make an escape, but failed and so he was beat for that.

Walt expects his meeting to go badly with Jack, so he makes his own machine gun! He also knows that they are running out of methylamine, and he knows a way to make it without it. But both Todd and Lydia aren’t hearing it. So Walt poisons her with Ricin.

He visits Skyler one last time before he meets with Jack, to tell her where they buried Hank in the desert. He also gets to see Holly one last time, and Walt Jr. from afar because he hates his father so much, which he has every right to!

He goes to meet with Jack, and things go very south, just like Walt thought it would. So he clicks the trunk open and bam the makeshift machine gun takes everyone, or well almost everyone out. Jesse ends up chocking Todd to death, and Walt shoots Jack. Then it’s down to Walt and Jesse, oh these two. I knew Jesse wouldn’t kill Walt, as much as he wanted to, he’s got more of a conscience than Walt ever did. He sees that Walt got hit and tells Walt if he wants to die, to do it himself.

So Walt just let’s himself die, but not before he looks at all the lab equipment and says a little goodbye.

Jesse drives away, and is finally free from all this. Yay Jesse! I would have cried if he died. Jesse was my favourite character (if you couldn’t tell) and it may just because I have a soft spot for bad guys, but Jesse was a real softy underneath his ‘yo, fuck you’ attitude.

The last shot is of Walt being found out by the police, but he’s long gone.

What a whirlwind of a TV show. I’m sad that it’s over, but I’m also glad that they didn’t keep it going because I feel like the show wouldn’t be the same if they tried that, and that it would have failed. The story has completed, and it was done well.


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