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Review: Carry On

Hello! Today I’m going to be reviewing Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On!

Based off her fictional characters in her novel Fangirl Rowell decided to give these characters more life. I have to admit, reading the Simon Snow excerpts in Fangirl was not my favourite thing, so I wasn’t sure how I would feel about reading this novel dedicated to just Snow. It was actually very good, and I loved it- way more than I expected myself to. I figured I’d just read it and be done with it, but I actually enjoyed the story!

Carry On
Carry On

Carry One by: Rainbow Rowell: Simon Snow is no ordinary teenager; he’s a teenager who has been called the ‘Chosen One’. He is the one destined to take down the most powerful magician in the world, the Mage. On top of that his roommate, Baz a vampire, may kill him at any moment. Baz doesn’t come back to school, and this worries Simon, not only because he thinks Baz is plotting to kill him, but also he actually cares about Baz. The novel unravels this love story between the two of them, which doesn’t really add to the novel’s overall plot. The plot was very engaging, and enjoyable to read, but the love plots just felt thrown in, just to add romance. The novel also took elements from the Harry Potter series; there were a lot of parallels between the two. This novel, overall was well told, and Harry Potter aside, the plot could stand on its own, and the characters were portrayed well and there was enough magic, action, and adventure to make it a good novel.


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