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Let’s Talk About… Breaking Bad- Season Four

Hello everyone, welcome to TV Thursday! Today I’ll be talking about Breaking Bad season four!

Season four starts with Gail and Gus talking about the things Gail will need for his lab. This makes the viewer think Jesse didn’t do it, but then we get farther into the episode and, yes in fact Jesse did it.

Hank is restless at home, but a detective friend of his thinks Hank can help him with a case. It happens to be Gail’s case.

Jesse has gone off his rocker. His house turns into a halfway house where the party never stops. When he’s not cooking the meth he’s using it. That is, until he gets involved with Mike, the P.I.

He’s become this sort of ‘body guard’ for Mike as he runs these money errands. He claims to have saved Mike’s ass, even though it seems like the whole thing was set up to see how Jesse would react. This leads to Jesse running into Gus, where Gus tells him he sees something in Jesse. At this point you can tell that Gus is trying to grab all of Walt’s allies. Gus even goes after his son, offering him an after school job. (Maybe he’ll take him up on that offer).


Walt on the other hand has gone through with buying the car wash with Skylar. It wasn’t easy, but Skylar uses her smarts to get them it.

It isn’t long before Skylar realizes Walt makes a lot more than she thought. Walt asks her if she wants to back out, but she says nothing, meaning she’s staying. Walt even buys Walt Jr. a brand new Mustang, which he has to take back immediately, so as not to arise suspicions as to where the money came from to buy it.

This season you can really see Walt changing from the timid chemistry teacher from season one to now. He’s not afraid anymore, even though he may put that on as a show now. He even scares Skylar a bit when she’s worried someone could come to the door to shoot him, like Gail. He tells her he’s not worried, he’s not the one that gets shot; he’s the one doing the shooting. It’s some crazy brilliant acting on Bryan Cranston’s part.

Back to Hank and his investigation. A clue at Gail’s murder scene leads Hank to Gus, a napkin from his chicken restaurant, Los Pollos Hermanos. We find out Gail was a vegan so why would he go to Gus’s. It all unravels as Hank continues to dig deeper. It gets so far that they bring Gus in for questioning, but Gus has alibis and answers for everything. He’s too squeaky, and that makes him suspicious to Hank; so he continues his search. He even makes Walt put a tracker on his car, just as Mike pulls up beside him.

Walt unsure what to do, pretends to put the tracker on, goes inside to Gus, who tells him to do it, then goes out and does it.

Gus takes it off anyways as he goes to visit Hector ‘Tio’ in the hospital. Tio was Tuco’s uncle, as well as Tuco’s cousins who Hank killed. He was also part of the cartel. It then goes back to a flashback to 1989 when Gus first came to America from Chile. Going to Tio, who was the drug lord at the time, to help him sell meth. Hector and his partners laugh at him saying meth is the poor man’s cocaine and there’s no money it in. Gus tells Hector that they can make it locally which means they can keep all the profit for themselves. Hector’s partner Don, likes the idea, but accuses Gus of insulting, disrespecting, and manipulating him in a meeting in front of his men. Gus apologizes saying he didn’t mean it. Max, Gus’s partner, can sense Don’s anger, which does him no good. Pleading that he needs Gus as his partner, he is shot through the head, left to bleed to death. Don tells him that he has done this to him. Apparently Don knows who Gus really is, because as soon as he came to America Gus existed, before that Gustavo Fring didn’t exist.

It isn’t until the next episode that everything falls perfectly into place though. Jesse spells the whole thing out for the viewer as he went to visit Gus at his home to get answers to all the questions he has. He contemplates giving Gus the poison, and the viewer thinks he’s done it because Jesse never eats, but later in his argument with Walt do we find that the cigarette with the poison is still there. We also find out that there is a war in Mexico, and Gus is in the middle of it. The cartel want Walt’s formula so they can make it there in Mexico. In order to stop this war, Gus is willing to give them the formula, but without Walt. Instead he plans to take Jesse down to teach them. Jesse is freaked out because he knows he’ll mess up, and Walt is pissed that he hasn’t tried to kill Gus because while Gus is still alive, Walt is a dead man. Once the cartel knows the formula there is no need for Walt. Oh and that fight scene between the Walt and Jesse just feels like it was a long time coming, but it was a good fight scene!

Skylar also has some problems of her own, besides being married to a drug cooker and making illegal transactions at work, Ted her old boss comes to her to tell her he could be sent to jail for tax fraud. She then realizes that her name will be on this, and she can’t have anyone tracing it back to her, so she comes up with a lie as to why money is missing. Playing the dumb blonde, Ted is off the hook, now all he has to do is pay the money they are asking, Ted’s only problem, he doesn’t have any money. Completely broke driving the tiniest Honda, poor guy.

But I shouldn’t speak too soon because Skylar decides she will give Ted the money to pay his taxes, and what does he do, buys a Mercedes. He also doesn’t plan to pay at all. Skylar begs and pleads but this guy would rather go to jail then pay up. He’s afraid to loose everything. So she calls Saul, and two of his men get him to write the check, but they accidently kill Ted by tripping him. Ha, he had it coming.

Jesse actually makes it to Mexico where he is to teach the Mexican cartel how to cook the blue meth.

But while there, things go south, all because of Gus. He poisons the rest of the cartel with tequila (I’m only assuming that’s what it was, but it seems like it would obviously be it). Gus drinks it as well, but he goes to throw it up, but he still feels some of the effects. That’s when Jesse steps in to save Gus and Mike, by killing Tio’s last living relative, and driving them to an undisclosed hospital, if you can call it that. Gus is fixed up, but they leave Mike in Mexico (who knows if he’ll return).

They return to Albuquerque where Gus threatens all of Walt’s family. Walt makes sure they are safe, but he won’t go with them, not until he knows they will be safe. He makes a call to Saul to make an anonymous tip to the police that someone has it out for Hank so that his family can stay there.

At first he keeps himself in hiding, waiting for Gus to get him.

Then Jesse comes to him. Back stepping, Jesse gets a call from Andrea that Brock is at the hospital. Hearing the symptoms of what happens when someone takes the poison Jesse has, he tells her that Brock was poisoned. It turns out that is true, but not by the Ricin Jesse had. This leads Jesse to think Walt tried to kill Brock, but Walt get’s him to see reason, and they think it is Gus. That’s when the two form a plan to take down Gus.

They first make a bomb, and plan to get him in his car, but Gus doesn’t fall prey to that. So they make a very elaborate plan. Walt finds out from Jesse that Tio is an enemy of Gus’s and will do anything to see him dead. Willing to see the DEA for no reason to tip Gus off, this leads to Gus planning a trip to visit Tio. Holy crap Tio sets the bomb off, and at first you think Gus makes it out alive, but then they do a close up of his face, oh my it was so creepy! Half of his face was blown off leaving a shell of his face. Ugh. It was so creepy, but so good at the same time. You knew that Gus had to go out swinging and he sure did.

Finishing the job, Walt kills everyone else in Gus’s circle, and then blows up the factory so that there is no evidence.

At the end we find out Brock was poisoned by Lily of the Valley and it isn’t until the very last second of the season where they show this plant growing in Walt’s backyard, which leads us to believe Walt actually tried to kill the kid.


Holy what an ending, just like that season the ending was so good. Leaving questions for the viewer. Now Gus is gone, how are things going to turn out.



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