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Review: Duma Key

Hi everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving to those who are American! (I’m not so it’s just another Thursday to me haha) Today I’m going to be reviewing Stephen King’s Duma Key.

Not one of King’s popular novels, but still a very good tale!

Duma Key
Duma Key

Duma Key by: Stephen King: When Edgar Freemantle gets into an accident with a crane; things are never the same again. For one he looses his right arm, he gets angry at things he can’t remember, and his wife leaves him after he tries to choke her one handed. Life does not look good, until one day when he decides to move to Duma Key, Florida. He becomes this really amazing painter, but is it really his talent, or the talent of an ancient spirit who has been using people to get what she wants. The novel was good in setting a good plotline, and at times were really creepy, but it was an incredibly long read. The novel focused on detail, which is what made the story come to life, but after a while the reader just wants to get to the good part. Overall, the story was long, and that’s what killed the interest.


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