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Let’s Talk About… Breaking Bad- Season Three

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be discussing Breaking Bad season three!

I just want to add a quick note here, I just finished the series this past weekend, holy man- I am sure going to miss watching it- such good television!

Season three starts off with two guys coming from Mexico, and at first it doesn’t add up who these guys are. It isn’t until half way through the season that we finally get a sense of who these guys are.

Now that Skyler knows the truth, or well most of the truth, she wants a divorce.

Walt tries with all his might to save the marriage. He leaves the house, but decides to go back again, this just upsets Skyler and leads her to having an affair with her boss. Walt finally realizes that his marriage won’t work, and he can’t keep away from cooking, so he gives Skyler the divorce she so badly wanted.

I mostly just liked this gif and decided to add it!

He also takes the deal with Gus, cooking meth in this extremely well stocked, and top of the line equipment, for three months. He gets himself a new assistant and everything. This whole season Walt and Jesse have been at odds with each other, and I really didn’t like that. All the progress they made by the end of the second season gone.

Jesse is recovering. He bought his old house back from his parents, and is now trying to cook meth by himself. That is until the RV becomes a problem.

Hank hasn’t been himself since the incident in El Passo. Now asked to go back to El Passo, he says yes, but at the very last minute changes his mind and goes in pursuit of a lead in the Heisenberg case. We get a back-story into how Jesse obtained the RV and this leads Hank to Jesse, which leads him to the RV. Walt finds out about this and tries to get rid of the RV first, but Jesse gets in the way, leading Hank right to them. Hank then tries to get Jesse to open the RV, not knowing that Walt is inside as well.

Walt plays Hank by using Saul to fake a phone call to Hank saying his wife was in a car accident. That freaks Hank out and he leaves, this gives Walt and Jesse time to get rid of the RV. Once Hank finds out it was a hoax call, he goes after Jesse, beating the shit out of him. I almost thought he was going to die, and I got really sad because as much as Jesse is a pain, I really love him. This makes Jesse want to get back, but instead he finds himself striking a deal with Walt.


Walt I guess misses yelling at Jesse, because he fires his new assistant, Gail for adjusting the temperature wrong once. Walt yells at him and says it’s not working. Walt then goes and calls Jesse to be his partner, in which Jesse says yes. He says no first before finally giving in. The two are back!

Because Hank is digging into affairs that he shouldn’t be, the two Mexicans from the beginning of the season attack him. Hank manages to wedge one of them between two cars, causing him to loose both his legs from the knees down, and he eventually dies in the hospital. The second one shoots at him, Hank shoots back but the guy has a bulletproof vest on, a really good one. That’s when Hank knows to aim at his head, and that takes care of him. Hank ends up in the hospital.

Since Hank is in the hospital it’s then that it’s spelled out for the viewer who the two men are that attacked him. That’s how I found out they were Tuco’s cousins coming from Mexico that was mentioned in season two.

But those aren’t the only bad guys to look out for. Gus has other guys up his sleeve, but first back to Hank for a moment. He is pretty much paralyzed from the waist down, and his wife, Marie wants the best care for him. This means a lot of money, and costs that insurance won’t cover. So Skyler takes it upon herself to offer some of Walt’s money. She makes up this cock-and-bull story about how Walt made all the money by gambling. Marie takes the chance and takes the money. This leads to Skyler getting involved with Walt and his project. She wants to make sure that the money she’s giving her sister isn’t going to trace back to anything illegal, therefore she becomes the bookkeeper to the investment Walt is going to make. It will either be a car wash, which he worked at in season one, (Skyler’s idea), or a laser tag centre (his lawyer, Saul’s idea).

Now back to Gus’s other bad guys. We find out through Jesse that the kid who shot Combo was ordered to by a couple of guys. Now Jesse is out for revenge to kill these guys, but Walt thinks it’s a bad idea and tries to stop him any way he can. It then turns into Jesse finally meeting the boss, Gus.

Gus tells him to shake and make nice because the guys who ordered the kid to shoot Combo are Gus’s guys. Jesse is pissed off that they’re using kids, which I love Jesse, and respect him for that, and so Gus tells them no more kids. That same night, the kid is shot dead. Jesse thinks it was Gus who ordered the kill, so he is set on killing them. He gets so close to doing so, pulling the gun, but Walt comes charging to the rescue, killing both of them with his car. He orders Jesse to run, and takes the heat for the crime.

But this makes Gus very angry. Gus now doesn’t want Walt around so he’s got it out for him. He assigns Gail to work with Walt again so he can learn and take over. Walt comes to this conclusion so he needs to kill Gail, only there’s one small problem. Victor, one of Gus’s guys, is following around Walter day and night. Walt finally has the night ready, but Victor shows up to tell him that there’s a leak at the lab. It all sounds suspicious and it is because Walt is then held hostage so he can’t do what he planned. He uses Jesse as a bargaining chip, saying he’ll give him up (since Gus wants him dead), only instead of that he calls Jesse to do what he couldn’t.

And dam does the season end on a bang. It was very emotional. Jesse had tears in his eyes, I wasn’t sure he was going to shoot Gail. One part of me wanted him to do so, the other didn’t. Either way, I still love Jesse! Now season four looks like it’s going to be very interesting.


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