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Review: The Shadow Falls Series

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be reviewing the Shadow Falls series by C.C. Hunter!

This series, I started a while back, but never continued (until recently) because I wasn’t sure if I really liked it. Due to my need to always finish a book no matter how bad it is, I decided I had to continue and finish this series. It had it’s up and downs, but was overall pretty enjoyable. I wished plotlines would move a little faster, and characters to be less predictable, but overall it was some great fiction.

Born at Midnight (Shadow Falls, #1)
Born at Midnight

Born at Midnight by: C.C. Hunter: The first novel in the Shadow Falls series. We meet our main character Kylie who thinks of herself as a normal teenager. It isn’t until her world is spun off its axis that maybe things aren’t so normal. She is sent to a camp to find herself. It’s there that she meets surpernaturals, and that she might actually be like one of them. The first novel is definitely worth checking out, it’s got mystery and suspense, it’s got romance, a bit over the top teenage drama, but overall the plotlines are really good. What isn’t good is the grammar and spelling mistakes that, to a trained eye would find in a second. That turns a reader off if the book doesn’t make sense or there are mistakes. If you can get past that part, it is a good novel.


Awake at Dawn
Awake at Dawn

Awake at Dawn by: C.C. Hunter: The second novel in the Shadow Falls series. Kylie Galen has been sent to Shadow Falls for summer camp. Over the summer she has grown to like the place, because she’s learned she’s not quite normal, or human for that matter. Throughout the whole novel it’s Kylie trying to figure out what supernatural she is. At first she thinks she’s a vampire because she likes the taste of blood, but then she has a strange growth spurt, which could mean she’s a werewolf. But as she gains more and more powers it’s less like anything anyone has ever seen before. The plot is solidly original, but its execution is a little off-putting. The characters all came across as whiny teenagers filled with teen angst, which makes perfect sense because the majority of the main characters are whiny teenagers filled with angst. But the adult characters came off that way too, which really took away from the plot. It made it feel like all supernaturals are unbearable to be around. Overall, this novel was better than the first, the plot moved well, the characters weren’t the best, but hopefully they get better.

Taken at Dusk
Taken at Dusk

Taken at Dusk by: C.C. Hunter: The third novel in the Shadow Falls series. Kylie is still trying to figure out what kind of supernatural she is. This novel, Kylie goes through many emotions. Dealing with a rogue vampire who is after her, claiming he’s her soulmate. On top of that she has a ghost who can’t remember anything about herself. As the novel continues the ghost ‘Jane Doe’ learns more and more about herself through visions through Kylie. This also sheds a lot of light on what she is; as she finds out she’s related to the ghost. It’s finally at the very end that the reader, and Kylie finds out what she is, but now she has to figure out how to live with that. This was probably the best out of the first three novels so far; the plot was so good, the twists were unexpected and welcoming. Although the romantic plotlines tried to be good, but they felt very emotionally charged and annoying, but they didn’t feel as teen angst-y as in past novels. Overall, this novel was good, and hopefully the novels to come will continue to get better.

Whispers at Moonrise
Whispers at Moonrise

Whispers at Moonrise by: C.C. Hunter: The fourth novel in the Shadow Falls series. Kylie Galen is still trying to figure out who she is. At the end of the last novel, her dead, biological father told her what she is, but neither she, nor anyone around her knows what that means. So she spends the whole novel bouncing from one supernatural to the next. It’s exciting and definitely interesting to read about. Seeing Kylie going through all these different changes to see the different characteristics of each supernatural is a nice change of pace for her character. The romance plotlines are getting better than they were in the past. The author really puts in a lot of emotion into each character and how things inevitably end up. It’s all very dramatic to read. The ending is also very dramatic as Kylie embarks on a new adventure with her biological grandfather so he can teach her, and show her how to be her true self. It ends very well, that the novel leaves the reader wanting more, and to find out how this series will end. Overall, this novel is a step above the previous novels, and was hands down the best so far. It was written well, and the plot was actually very well thought out and executed.

Chosen at Nightfall
Chosen at Nightfall

Chosen at Midnight by: C.C. Hunter: The fifth and final novel in the Shadow Falls series. As things begin to unwind, Kylie Galen must finally set things straight with Mario, a vampire who is after her. After leaving to live with her real grandfather, things take a bit of a turn and she has to flee to become safe. On top of this, she must deal with the normal things a teen must deal with, boys, friends, and unruly parents. This novel ended somewhat cheesy, and things still felt a little up in the air. Kylie finally figured out what she is, and has come to accept and learn to live with it, even if it’s a daunting task. The plot was good, and the characters acted as normal teenagers would. The adult characters seem to act like teenagers at points throughout the novel, which was a little frustrating to read. Yes every teen feels like their parent are being unfair, but in this novel, they seemed very unreasonable. Otherwise things just ended, it felt like to just end things so that this series wouldn’t go on forever. Overall, an interesting series, filled with lots of supernaturals, and a lot of teen drama.


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