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Review: Jay’s Journal

Hi everyone today I’m going to be reviewing Jay’s Journal.

This novel, like Go Ask Alice that I reviewed earlier this week, is a journal from someone, and it’s just as good, if not better.

Jay's Journal
Jay’s Journal

Jay’s Journal: Just like Go Ask Alice, Jay’s Journal is a journal belonging to a teenage boy named Jay in the late 70s. Like Go Ask Alice, we learn who Jay was, and how he lived. We, the reader, learn about his ups and downs, and his addictions. His are not of the every day type. Jay was into witchcraft, and not and of that Harry Potter business, some real freaky stuff called occult that has to do with the supernatural. Please note that reading this there are some pretty graphic, and disgusting things that have to deal with occulting, if you are squeamish, it is unwise to read this novel. The novel was an intense read for it’s 230 pages. The novel really puts into perspective what some teenagers go through, as well as reiterating that this was real, that part hits home the most. It was a compelling journal definitely worth reading.


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