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Let’s Talk About… Breaking Bad- Season Two

Hi guys! Today I’m going to be talking about season two of Breaking Bad.

Season two starts up right where we left off, literally the viewer gets to see the showdown with Tuco once more.

Walt is obviously shaken up, and his wife can’t figure out what is wrong with him. Then Tuco kidnaps an unexpected Walter and Jesse. Tuco wants to keep Walt alive because he knows he can cook well, he doesn’t give a shit about Jesse. They try really hard to get Tuco to snort poison, thinking it is meth, but Jesse blows that by saying the wrong thing.

So they try another method, putting it in his food, only Tuco’s grandfather rings his bell to warn him. Tuco doesn’t understand, thinking he wants his food. This goes on until it becomes a gunfight, Walt and Jesse against Tuco.


Back at home; Skyler is putting up flyers to help find her missing husband.

Hank takes his DEA skills and starts tracking down, and trying to find who might know where Walt is. This leads him to Jesse’s mother, and trying to locate Jesse’s car. Well he finds the car, and Tuco shot beside it. This starts another gunfight, where Hank actually kills Tuco. By now the DEA know the name of the new drug lord, Heisenberg (a.k.a Walter).

Walt is still missing, but he and Jesse make a deal to go their separate ways, and meet up later. So Walt makes his return by being naked in a grocery store claiming he can’t remember a thing. This leads him to being in the hospital for a bit.

After that the tables turn. Skyler is now the moody, not saying anything, and just leaving whenever type, while Walt is the happy, trying to keep the family together person. Skyler even starts to smoke (not good for the baby).

And then there is Jesse. Man I felt so bad for him, and I think the creators made him that way on purpose. He makes it so that the cops find him, question him, but he has a solid alibi so they can’t keep him. But they found his car, and obviously that’s gone. The money he had saved up in his car was found, and he couldn’t say that was his, so that’s gone too. His parents take away the house he’s living in. His mom found his lab, so now he’s homeless.

Left with a few items and a motorbike, he tries to find somewhere to stay, but in that process he looses the stuff and the bike, seriously a tough break. He now has nothing.

But he still has his RV, so he breaks in to the lot it’s in, but obviously that doesn’t go well. He falls through a porta potty. They really made his life shitty… literally. He steals the RV, but then goes back, I guess we’re to assume he has his money back because he pays the guy who owns the yard back, buys a car from him, and then rents a pretty sweet house.

Once everyone’s life is back in order, Walt and Jesse are back to cooking. Walt doesn’t trust Jesse’s way of moving the product, but then again Walt really isn’t street smart. So they agree to disagree. It leads to a small hiccup that Jesse takes care of himself.

Gretchen calls out of the blue, and Skyler wants to thank her for the money they have been giving, but wait Gretchen and Elliot haven’t been giving them money, and Walt won’t tell Gretchen why he’s lying. This leads to Gretchen stopping the deal with them. This makes Skyler question what went wrong, so lying Walt lies again saying the couple went bankrupt. I wonder when this sham will have end.

Hank, Walt’s brother-in-law is having a hard time with killing Tuco since his co-workers decided to give him his teeth grill (remember when those were big?) he has to through it away because he hears things that aren’t there. Mainly gunshots. But then he goes on this mission where a turtle brings a guys served head on it’s back, and a bomb goes off- that really shakes Hank up for a while.

Walt and Jesse go through a lot of tribulations. The cops catch one of their dealers; this is where we meet Saul Goodman, a lawyer who gets these guys out a lot of deep shit.

The cops make a bust with a guy who is bald, like Walt, but who wants to go to jail, all thanks to Saul. The other one is shot trying to sell in new territory. So things go south until Saul can find a way to ship out their 38 pounds of meth- with a businessman, a man that no one sees coming as a dealer. Gus owns a chain fast-food restaurants and looks like such a friendly guy, but he decides to give Walter and Jesse a second chance.

A big drug deal goes down while Jesse is high out of his mind (more on that) on heroin and Walt has to break into Jesse’s place to steal the drugs so they can make the exchange- over a million they made!

In their separate lives, Jesse starts to date his landlord- Jane. I think they are very cute together.

He finds out that she is 18 months sober, but that changes as she relapses and they both do heroin together, and well she dies, sadly. Walt is actually there to see her die, not wanting to get his fingerprints anywhere, he watches her die. Jesse is very shaken up about it, because you can tell the moment he meets her that he really cares about her, and it’s so sweet. I just wish he’d try to help her get clean instead of trying heroin. That’s where Walt comes in. He calls Saul and he has a guy clean the place out so there are no traces of drugs to be found and he tries to take care of him. I love the way Walt is caring for him-so sweet.

Now Walt’s life, he finds out the tumor has shrunk 80% and so they have surgery scheduled to remove the rest, and hope it doesn’t come back. Finally that baby that Skyler’s been pregnant with for 2 seasons comes out. His son, Junior, has set up an account to raise money to cover the cost of the surgery. That’s where Walt calls Saul again to find a way to use the money he made on the drug deal to put into the PayPal account his son made. Walt goes for his surgery, but let’s slip, about the cell phone-oops. Skyler asks if he brought his cell phone, and he asks- ‘which one?’ the cat is out of the bag now. Skyler makes a few phone calls it starts to unravel all Walt’s lies, Gretchen and Elliot never gave them money, he never went to see his mom- oh boy. He’s left alone as Skyler pretty much leaves him.

Now all through the season they have been teasing us with these shots of a stuffed animal floating in a pool, and the payoff comes at the very end.

Jane’s father (Jesse’s love) has gone back to work after her death, and we find out he’s an air traffic controller, and well he’s so out of it due to her death that he causes two planes to collide in the sky pretty much right over Walt’s house, and that stuffed animal is from one of the planes. I can’t wait for more! This is getting very interesting. The stakes are very high, so I expect some great things from season three!



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