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Review: The Possession Trilogy

Hello! Today I’m going to be reviewing Elana Johnson’s trilogy Possession.

I do have to admit, I took these novels out at the library because I thought the covers looked pretty. I seem to fall prey to the pretty books, but that doesn’t always mean they are good. But I’m the type of person to read everything so whether the book be pretty or ugly, I’ll read it.

Possession (Possession, #1)

Possession by: Elana Johnson: The first novel in the Possession series. Here is where we meet our main character Violet. The world is divided between the goodland and the badland. All her life she hasn’t felt like she should be in the goodlands so she rebels. That gets her in the badlands and running away from the people who control the goodlands. Those same people turn out to be the people she loves, or once did. Now she has to make decisions about how she wants to live her life. It’s an interesting concept for a novel, but the plotline felt stale, the love interests plotline has been used so many times, and the characters felt flat. Overall, it was a fast and quick paced read, but it was boring and the readers mind couldn’t stay focused on the story. The novel also just kind of ended, there will be another novel, and you can tell more is to come because nothing has been resolved. Maybe the next novel will be better.

Surrender: A Possession Novel

Surrender by: Elana Johnson: The second novel in the Possession trilogy. In this novel we meet new characters. The reader is almost thrown into a story where they don’t know who these new characters are, and they aren’t really introduced properly, it’s almost like a book is missing. We meet Raine and Gunner who also have powers that Raine’s father, who controls everything, wants to possess. It’s an endless game of trying to escape, while being careful not to say too much in fear of being brainwashed and not remembering who you are. The novel has a good plotline, but the way that the plotline is written out just doesn’t sit well. This was better than the first novel since more characters and things weren’t as predictable, but other than that it got boring to read. Maybe not the best trilogy to read if you aren’t a big reader!

Abandon (Possession, #3)

Abandon by: Elana Johnson: The third, and final novel in the Possession trilogy. This novel is in the point of view of the two main guy characters in this novel, Zenn and Jag. They are also the focal point to a twisted love triangle, turned octagon. It’s pretty messed up, but in the end everything works itself out, just like all the other plotlines in this novel. So it’s taken until the third novel to really, truly understand what this trilogy is about, and it’s having freedom and the choice to choose, whereas they’ve been controlled for as long as anyone can remember. A lot of battles are had, a couple traitor moves, and some casualties later, and they’ve reached an agreement. Too bad you have to read the novel to find out. Though this novel was a lot better, and was written better than the first two, so if you can make it through those novels, it’s worth it for the last one.


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