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Movie Review: The Age of Adaline

Hi everyone, today I’m going to be reviewing the movie The Age of Adaline.

I finally got around to watching this movie! I wanted to see it when it came out, but I never got the chance to when it was in theatres. Oh well, I’m happy I’ve seen it. It was an entertaining movie, and hopefully you think so too!

The Age of Adaline

Age of Adaline: Adeline has lived a long life. The film opens with a narrator telling the viewer it’s the year 2014 and then proceeds by giving us a back-story of the main character, Adaline. Born in 1906, San Francisco, she had a great life until one year it started to snow, this caused an accident where her heart stopped. Struck by lightening, she comes back to life, only she doesn’t live an ordinary life, she has stopped aging. Living a life alone, with only her daughter that she keeps close. She’s afraid to get close to anyone else, until Ellis comes along. Falling head over heels for each other, everything is happy, until Ellis’s father ruins things. Here enters Harrison Ford, playing the role of Ellis’s father, William, he recognizes Adaline from his youth. The love of his life, now Adaline must make the ultimate decision; tell Ellis the truth about herself, or run away yet again. The film was really well done; Blake Lively was the perfect choice for the role of Adeline. Both stunning and talented she played the role gracefully and with such poise. Michel Huisman who played Ellis, played his role very well and the two of them had great chemistry. The plot was good, enticing, and entertaining. Although some scenes were quite long and could have been shorter, for the most part the directors did a good job creating and making this film come to life. Overall, this was an engaging love story with a twist of fantasy.


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