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Review: Beyond The Spiderwick Chronicles Trilogy

Hi guys, I know it’s Tuesday. I don’t have anything I want to post just yet, but I’m hoping soon. For now I’m posting Holly Black’s Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles trilogy.

I thought the Spiderwick Chronicles was good, but beyond it was even better!

The Nixie's Song
The Nixie’s Song

The Nixie’s Song by: Holly Black & Tony DiTerlizzi: The first novel in Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles trilogy. Nick has a new stepsister, Laurie, and she believes in faeries and other mystical creatures. Nick couldn’t care less, until he’s dragged into one of her adventures. Finding a nixie, she has to use her power to ward off giants. This giant is going to destroy the land where they live, and it’s up to Nick and Laurie to defeat it. With the help of Jared Grace, they take it down, but their journey has just begun. This novel was one adventure after another. It was fun to read, and really fast-paced. It was great to see Jared and Simon Grace from the Spiderwick Chronicles; hopefully they’ll stick around for the whole rest of the trilogy. These new characters are very dimensional, and are fun to read about as they go on these adventures. Overall, this was a great first novel. Everything was set up nicely for what’s to come. The reader got to jump right in to all the action, and the second novel feels like it will be just as good.

A Giant Problem
A Giant Problem

A Giant Problem by: Holly Black & Tony DiTerlizzi: The second novel in the Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles trilogy. Literally Nick and Laurie have a giant problem, with giants. These creatures are tearing up destruction everywhere they turn. The next thing they know the giants are knocking down the house they live in. Nick takes it upon himself to try and fix this problem. Both him and Laurie, with the help of Nick’s older brother, Jules and his girlfriend Cindy, the four of them take down the giants. But was that for the best? The novel ends on a cliffhanger, leaving the reader to wonder what the Grace children mean when they say they’ve done more harm then good. So many questions run through the reader’s head that they can’t wait to start reading the final novel. This novel had a very structured beginning, middle, and end. It was all very well set up, which led to some really good story-telling. The author really captured the reader’s attention with this problem, and how it needs to be solved. It was definitely a fun read, and the most enjoyable so far in the trilogy. Hopefully the last will be just as enticing to read.

The Wyrm King
The Wyrm King

The Wyrm King by: Holly Black & Tony DiTerlizzi: The third and final novel in the Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles trilogy. The giants are not backing down; instead they are making more sinkholes with their giant footprints. Within those sinkholes brings these dragon like creatures who breathe methane. Nick and his friends have to really pull their skills together to figure out how to defeat the creatures, and the giants, once and for all. Not only do the characters come together to defeat the creatures, they come together as a family. They start to realize that one another aren’t so bad. This novel ended the series off in a beautiful and caring way. It gave the readers action; it gave readers love and an adventure. The series as a whole was written and illustrated very well, the story was told well and it had the element of surprise. The characters are what really set this novel up well; they were created fully rounded that the reader can relate to them. Overall, the novel was done well from start to finish, with an ending that answers all questions, and nothing is left hanging.


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