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Review: Dust City

Hello! Today I’m going to be reviewing Robert Paul Weston’s novel Dust City.

I sometimes care for novels that play off classic fairy tales, but this story, I’m not so sure about.

Dust City
Dust City

Dust City by: Robert Paul Weston: A take on the classic, Little Red Riding Hood. Weston writes in the perspective of the wolves. Henry Whelp lives in the footsteps of his father; only to everyone they aren’t good footsteps. His father is in prison for being the one to murder Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. Henry is destined to be just like him, that is, if he can break the cycle. Living in Dust City, a city known for having mind-altering dust, a murder happens. Fleeing the city things start to make sense to Henry, and he believes his father to be framed. Now he must figure out how to prove his father’s innocence. The plot was good, and original, but it was so fast-paced that it lacked substance. The novel just flew by and was action-packed from the very beginning. There wasn’t any time for pause, which may have helped this novel. There just wasn’t a lot of character development. Sure Henry broke free of a life of crime, but the reader didn’t really get much more than that. Secondary characters were also quite flat. He does do a good job of taking a classic, and making it his own, the story was well thought up. Overall, it was interesting, and quick to read. If you aren’t the fast reader type maybe steer clear.


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