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Movie Review: Veronica Mars the Movie

Hi guys, so today I’m going to be reviewing the movie, Veronica Mars.

Based off the TV show, Veronica Mars the Movie is a conclusion to what happened after the final episode of the show. Due to the show being cancelled (which was such a bummer because the show was so great, am I right?) the fans at least got a movie to solve loose ends, so good. I suggest that if you’re a fan of the show to watch the movie because it’s just as good as the show was!

Veronica Mars: The Movie

Veronica Mars: The Movie: Very much like the TV show, or you could even consider it an extra episode. It’s 10 years into the future; Veronica has gotten herself out of the P.I business to pursue a career in law. She has an important interview with one of the top law firms in New York, and they want her. The only thing is, does she want them. Still dating Peez, the two live together, and he, along with her high school friends are trying to convince her to go to the 10-year high school reunion. But that’s not what get’s her back to Neptune, no, Logan is. Logan has been charged of murdering his ex-girlfriend, this famous pop star, and a girl they went to high school with. He calls Veronica to help him out, and of course she can’t say no. She’s never been able to say no to him. It turns out this murder is linked to a murder that happened back when they were in high school. It was great to see the whole cast again. The whole plot was ingenious. Weaving the past with the future the film felt like the viewer never left the world of Neptune. The characters are all so badass that the show should never have been cancelled. This film was definitely for the fans, and it was well worth the wait to see it because it was so good. It had all the elements the show had a lot more. This is definitely a well worth it all.


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