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Gone Girl: Movie Review

Hi guys! So today I’m going to be talking about the movie, Gone Girl. I hated the novel, which you can read about here, and I knew I shouldn’t even bother with the movie, but you know- curiosity got the best of me. So here it goes, my review of the movie.

I honestly felt blase about the film because I knew what was going to happen, and I knew what to expect, no use getting angry over that, but here are the rest of my thoughts.


Gone Girl: Based on the novel with the same name, is the story of a wife and her husband. The film opens on the couples’ fifth wedding anniversary, when Nick, the husband, gets a call from the neighbour that the cat is out. He rushes home to find his house a mess, and his wife gone. This becomes the long tale of the two. The first half of the film, much like the first half of the novel, the viewer is supposed to think that Nick is this awful abusive husband, who doesn’t want kids, and just keeps her around for his pleasure. You’re also supposed to think that Nick has killed his wife. All the evidence leads to it. Then the second half of the film takes a drastic turn where the viewer learns that Amy, the wife, is alive and well. Faking, and staging her death to get away from Nick (because we’re still supposed to think he’s abusive) until she starts to unravel the truth. She set Nick up. The way they filmed the transition between Nick’s side and Amy’s side was done okay. Obviously it’s not going to be easy like it is in the novel, but they pulled it off well. What the film did do was leave out some subplots in proving that Amy is a living psychopath. Not only did she set Nick up, but she’s set up every other person who has wanted to be in her life, to look like they have done her wrong. Rape, and kidnapping to be some they use in the film. She’s completely crazy this character, and that’s what drives the viewer to really hating her. Rosamund Pike played Amy, and she did a really good job of playing the part. Not only did she convincingly play the poor desperate wife, but she really got the psycho part too. Although Pike gives it away a bit in her eyes that she’s got another agenda, she still does a great acting job. The films plot was very consistent with the novels plot, which will leave readers of the novel happy, if you enjoyed the novel, if you didn’t enjoy it, the film will leave you feeling not as angry as the novel did, but still a little annoyed. They use one camera angle in one scene with Ben Affleck naked, and you get a side shot of his penis, which could have totally been avoidable. There was no reason to see that. But otherwise, the directors pulled the film off well.


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