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Review: Fan Art

Hello, today I’m going to be reviewing Fan Art by Sarah Tregay.

This is the first LGBTQ novel I’ve read. Sure I’ve read novels where a character is gay, but this is my first where it’s the whole story. I have to say it was good, but it was also quite predictable, as you’ll see in my review. I hope that doesn’t stop you from reading the novel because it was very good.

Fan Art
Fan Art

Fan Art by: Sarah Tregay: The story of Jamie, a high school student who has come out to his parents about being gay, but not his school. It isn’t until someone draws a comic about two gay guys and Jamie fights to have it stay in the school magazine, that people start to figure it out… if they haven’t already. All Jamie wants is his best friend, but his friend Mason is straight, or so Jamie thinks causing it to be impossible for the two of them to be together. As much as it is a cute story with a well-rounded plotline, the story was too perfect, and too convenient for the main character. The ending should have been less predictable, and a little more lifelike; it just didn’t seem real. Overall, it was a cute novel that made sure everyone got their happily ever after, fairy tale ending, but the ending was poor.


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