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Let’s Talk About… Game of Thrones- Season Four

Hello, and welcome to TV Tuesday. This week I’m going to be talking about season four of Game of Thrones.

The season opens with Tywin Lannister burning Ned Stark’s sword, and remaking a sword out of Valyrian Steel, then he tosses a wolf, probably a direwolf into a fire. The first episode is really just a recap of where everyone is, after season three ended. Ayra gets her own horse after a brawl. I almost thought she killed the Hound for a second, but I know that she can’t because those two have to stick together. Sansa is dealing with the death of her mother and brother rather harshly and nothing can cheer her up. Jaime is getting used to his new golden hand, Dany is getting ready for some sort of battle, and Jon Snow is trying to become on of the Night’s Watch again. They want to behead him for sleeping with a girl, (wow). But he does get his spot back, and this helps when Wildlings attack because he knows how to fight them, as he was one for a little while.

One of the handmaiden’s overhears Shae and Tyrion arguing, and she goes to tell Cersei. Oh no, they are found out and Shae is going to be killed! But Tryion steps up and has to lay it on her really harshly that he doesn’t want her at Kings Landing, he doesn’t love her, and she’s just a whore. That was a heartbreaking scene to watch; the two of them love each other so much, that being together to try to keep each other safe results in them having to go their separate ways.

Then we have the royal wedding, Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell have their wedding. First off my first reaction to that scene was her hair. The way they had it down up I was like that is incredible, and that must have taken a lot of time to do. But it looks gorgeous,

moving on. They wed, and afterwards they celebrate. Joffrey is the same old cocky, annoying bastard that he always is. He forces Tyrion to be his cup barer, making him get wine. It isn’t long before Joffrey starts to choke, and he falls to his doom! We’re all screaming yes, yes, yes! The son of a bitch king is finally dead! Cersei’s anger is great, but obviously the Lannister’s are going to blame the death on Tyrion.

I didn’t see is death coming, it makes sense that he would die at one point, but it still came as a shock.

Tyrion is going to be put up for trial, even though Cersei just wants him dead. Jaime is trying to tell Cersei that Tyrion is innocent, but obviously she is not having any of that.

We learn that this new character Prince Oberyn of Dorne is a master of poisons, and Tywin suspects him of conspiring with Tyrion to have Joffrey killed. But Little Finger comes out plainly and says he’s the one who did it, with the help from Sansa, who was completely unaware that she was wearing the poison in her necklace. It’s also Little Finger that helps her to escape as soon as Joffrey is dead. Now what does he want with Sansa…

Little Finger ends up taking her to Catlyn’s sister, Lysa, who he marries. That surprised me. I guess if you can’t have the one you truly love, the sister will do. Her sister gets jealous of Sansa because Little Finger loved Catelyn so much, that she thinks he did it with Sansa.

Sansa may also be marrying Lysa’s son Robin. I guess Little Finger just wants to see Sansa safe, but I feel that still can’t be all. They also call him Peter Baelish during the episode, I’m so used to everyone calling him Little Finger I forgot he had a proper name ha!

Finally we get the answers we’ve been waiting for. Little Finger really wants Sansa, like romantically, which I find half gross, and half of me is okay with this. He fully kisses her, and who happens to see, oh you know Lady Lysa. Oh it’s the best.

She get’s super jealous that she threatens Sansa’s life by almost pushing her out the moon window.


But obviously Little Finger comes to her rescue saying there is only one woman who he’s ever loved (I don’t know why Lysa thinks it’s her) but he tells her it’s her sister and then pushes her out the moon window. I thought that was great.

This then calls for a trial, as the Tully people would like to know how Lysa came to her death. Sansa has to explain who she is, and what truly happened, with some fibs along the way to save both her and Little Fingers butts. We later find out that Sansa has joined Little Finger.

Now that Joffrey is dead, Margaery is no longer queen, and we all know that was the whole purpose of her marrying him in the first place. Now she’s to marry Tommen, his younger brother who is next in line to the throne. I personally think Tommen will make a weak king, but who knows with Margaery on his side, there’s no telling what can happen.

When Tommen is anointed King, Cersei actually goes up to Margaery to ask if she still wants to be queen. It’s almost civil, but obviously Margaery has her guards up and says she has to think about it, and ask her father what he thinks, when we all know she wants to be queen.

Jaime has Brienne of Tarth go and find Sansa and make sure she’s safe. Can Jaime and Brienne get together already? There scenes together are so good to watch, the chemistry is great! While on her mission she comes across Hot Pie! I was so happy to see him again. She says she’s looking for Sansa Stark, which he replies he knows Arya Stark, and tells her where she went.




We also learn that Crastor never killed off the baby boys, but had them sacrificed to the White Walkers, to I’m assuming become a White Walker.

Bran has been taken prisoner at Crastor’s Keep by some Wildlings. When the Night’s Watch come to attack, one of the members comes to free Bran and his friends, although he ends up trying to kill Bran. So Bran, using his warg abilities, puts himself in Hodor’s body, killing the man. Bran almost calls for Jon, before realizing that isn’t the best idea, so they move on.

They make it to the Weirwood tree, where they face these skeletons that try to kill them. They get blasted and poor Jojen dies, when a skeleton stabs him, then his sister slits his throat to help him die quickly, then he’s blasted to pieces, he really gets it but he knew he was going to die, and he risked his life for that.

Bran realizes that he gets to fight when he uses his warg abilities to take over Hodor’s body to fight. He meets the three-eyed raven in person inside the tree and he asks if he’ll ever walk again. The three-eyed raven tells him no, but he’ll soon be able to fly, so that should be interesting.

Dany has freed more people to add to her army. Now she has more people to deal with. She learns of Joffrey’s death, which gives her even more will to fight for the Iron Throne. She’s building up that army.

Stannis is also getting antsy about the Throne now that Joffrey is dead. Ser Davos Seaworth, Stannis’s sidekick is very enthusiastic and is really trying to help Stannis become king.

Theon Greyjoy, oh what have you become. We gotten a couple glimpses at him, but as his sister puts it, “my brother is dead”. He is completely brainwashed into think his name is Reek, and he is completely devoted to Ramsay Snow.

Ramsay’s father, Roose Bolton, was not happy that he made Theon his plaything. His father wanted to bargain Theon, but that isn’t going to happen now. His sister comes to save him, and well that doesn’t go well, because Theon goes against her and she has to flee.

Now Ramsay wants “Reek” to predent he’s Theon, when he’s really Theon, oh boy. Well we find out quickly that it’s so the Bolton’s can take over a palace to rule from. Ramsay’s father is so proud of him that he looses his bastard Snow last name, and becomes a Bolton, oh awe how sweet.

Tyrion’s trial: we all knew it was going to be who can say the worst about Tyrion. The moment Shae walked in and started to accuse Tyrion of murder of Joffrey, he just lost it. I still can’t quite figure out why she said it. Was she forced to say those things? Or was she so hurt that she said them out of anger? Or both? But Tyrion wanted to confess just so that he wouldn’t have to hear her say those things anymore, just some more truly heartbreaking scenes.

And oh man, the performance Peter Dinklage gave was incredible. I say no one could have done a better job; those facial expressions were on point, and just to be frank, a little scary (which was it’s intent and purposes).


Tyrion asks for a trial by combat. Cersei has made this big ugly man, Sir Gregor his opponent, and Prince of Dorne has agreed to be Tyrion’s champion. For he has a bone to pick with Ser Gregor, he raped and murdered his sister, and murdered her children; he wants to see him dead.

When the day comes, at first he doesn’t look like he can kill this big guy with all his fancy footwork, but then he gets his Achilles heel, which gets him down. But he doesn’t kill him just yet, not until he says his sister’s name. That is where he made his mistake, because Gregor comes back, and blasts out his head with his hands, omg so gross! Now Tyrion is now sentenced to death 😦 😦 😦 😥

But awe, Jaime let him go. I’m telling you Jaime is my new favourite, he’s so sweet and carrying.

Holy shit; once he’s released he goes to visit his father’s bedroom, and finds Shae in his father’s bed. This makes Tyrion really angry so what does he do, he murderers her. Holy crap I didn’t think he had it in him.

Then he goes to visit his father… while he on the toilet ha, with a crossbow, and shoots his father twice, killing him.

His last stop is to Varys where he places him in a box to be shipped off.

Ayra and The Hound have a really nice moment, and they’re starting to respect one another, which is really nice to see. They reach the Eyrie where The Hound thinks Ayra will be safe, and they find out that her aunt is dead; this causes Arya to burst out laughing ha!

The Hound really defends and fights for Arya by the end of this season. This scene you really see that the Hound has come to love Ayra it’s so sweet. Brienne of Tarth and Arya’s plot come together when they meet while traveling. Brienne obviously wants to take her back to where it’s safe, but nowhere is really safe for her as the Hound points out. So the Hound and Bienne fight for Arya. I couldn’t watch that because I don’t want either character to die.

The Hound gets wounded and he begs Arya to kill him, but she steals his money and leaves him to die. She uses the coin given to her by Jaqen H’ghar from Season one or two I can’t be quite sure, and that gets her away to where she wants to go.

Things are not looking well for Dany either; we find out that Jorah has been betraying her. They get a letter signed by Robert Baratheon that pretty much states that Jorah has been watching over Dany the entire time he’s known her. Who would have thought? I actually liked Jorah.

Dany also has to lock up her dragons because one of them killed a three-year-old girl. That was sad to watch, she doesn’t want to lock her babies away. But the alpha dragon is missing; I wonder where that dragon is.

Then we also have Dany getting together with Daario Naharis (Michiel Huisman, he’s in Orphan Black and I love this guy!) and I think it’s really sweet that they’re hooking up, I hope it turns into some more!

Plus some more romance in the Targaryen camp, Grey Worm and Missandei have a little thing going on as well.

Ygritte saved Gilly and her baby’s life when the Wildlings came for a visit to kill. I thought that was sweet. Gilly ends up finding herself back to Castle Black with Sam, where he promises her that he won’t die, and he hasn’t… yet. Those two kiss, and it’s very sweet!

The Wildlings take on the Nights Watch in a furry of a battle: The Battle for the Wall. Castle Black has to watch the wall because there is a giant wooly mammoth trying to bust down the wall.

Jon Snow is now in charge, and I think that’s great because he’s a leader. Ygritte wants to kill Jon Snow herself, so when she sees someone else going after him she gets involved.

Even Sam gets a kill in, yes Sam!

The battle also really showcases Castle Black and the Wall, as far as now we, the viewer, hasn’t seen the extent of what it all looks like. It’s pretty great!

Jon kills the Wildling himself, but then Ygritte gets shot, and she sadly dies in Jon’s arms. It’s a nice scene with the battle going on in the background.


After this Jon goes to the Wilding camp with intent to kill the leader, when Stannis and his troupes invade the camp. It’s one amazing scene.

They end up back at Castle Black, where Stannis and Jon will come together. You see Melisandre very briefly, and she stares at Jon Snow that makes the viewer think she wants something to do with him. Jon has to let Ygritte go, and it’s just so sad.

This season has got to be one of the best seasons yet. I said that about season three, but they just keep getting better, and they definitely topped it this season. Part of me is excited to see what they have in store for season five, the other part feels like they can’t do any better, can they? Who can tell in the Game of Thrones.





2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… Game of Thrones- Season Four

  1. Oh wow season four’s finale is EPIC! Have you read the books? I know that a lot of readers began to dislike the series along season five because of how different the series is from the books but season four pretty much sticks to the story of the books except for some changes which kind of bugs me a little but both the books and the series are really fun and super enjoyable in their own way.

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    1. It was truly epic, and I very much enjoyed it. I’ve read the first four novels, but nothing after that. I’ve wanted to re-read them, but I like the show too much so I don’t want to be angry that it wasn’t the same. Right now (since I read the novels quite a few years ago) I can’t remember all the details, so I’m okay with how the TV show has interpreted the novels!
      Thank you for your comment 🙂

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