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Review: The Pledge Trilogy

Hi everyone, so I’ve recently been reading a lot of Kimberly Derting’s novels, and so I thought I’d share one of her trilogy’s that I’ve already read, The Pledge.

I’ll admit it, this wasn’t her best work, (I’m currently reading two of her other series and they are so much better. Hopefully by the end of this month I’ll have them up and posted) but this story got slightly better as the novels went on.

The Pledge (The Pledge, #1)
The Pledge

The Pledge by: Kimberly Derting: The first novel in the trilogy. For a first novel it wasn’t bad, but it just lacked a little bit. Charlie is a normal teenager, or well she tries to act normal, but she knows that her parents are hiding something from her. Lo and behold she has special gifts, she has the ability to understand languages, which gets her into trouble in their class system. After finding out about this gift, she finds out she has it because she is a royal, and she could potentially be the next Queen. Only catch, the Queen is not a nice person. She has to fight for what she believes, and hopefully she can persevere. The plotline was well set up, and the way the author ended it made the reader ready to read the second novel right away. As much as the first part of the novel wasn’t that great, the second part picked up and was better. The main character lacked substance so it was hard to read at times. Overall, it was an okay opening novel to the trilogy

The Essence (The Pledge, #2)
The Essence

The Essence by: Kimberly Derting: The second novel in the Pledge trilogy. We continue where we left off, Charlie has just become Queen and she has implemented new rules so everyone in the kingdom is equal. Though there are people who just don’t like these new rules and guidelines so they attack her. She has to flee to protect herself. Meanwhile she’s living in turmoil because inside her the past Queen hasn’t completely died; her essence is still present making her do things she wouldn’t normally do. It’s a very fast paced novel that right from page one has you reading. The plotline can be a bit dull and boring at times, but it is still a pretty interesting and entertaining read. Overall, the second novel was good, not any better than the first, and it is set up so that the reader is ready for the final novel.

The Offering (The Pledge, #3)
The Offering

The Offering by: Kimberly Derting: The third and final novel in the Pledge trilogy. To end off this series Charlie has decided to take it upon herself to fight the good fight once and for all. She takes two of her soldiers with her, her best friend Brooke, and Eden. The three of them run into some trouble, but it’s all about what happens in the end that matters. A good Queen, or so the reader was told to think- Queen Elena is actually pretty evil; Charlie must fight her and Sabara’s Essence inside of her to win the war. It’s all up to her. The novel’s plotline was very intense at times and the author would jump between points of view to keep the reader guessing what was going to happen. But overall, it was a good ending, everything was filled in and the reader was left satisfied with how the war went down. If you like power-hungry, action novels this trilogy is full if it.


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