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Review: Under the Dome

In honour of the series finale tonight of the TV show, Under the Dome, I thought I’d post my review of the novel by Stephen King!

This was one heck of a novel, and I predicted it back in 2012 that it would become a TV show, and it sure did make for some great television, but I’ll get to that in my blog on the show.

Under the Dome
Under the Dome

Under the Dome by: Stephen King: The town of Chester Mill’s is under a dome, a freak thing that no one can explain. Go too close and it could kill you! Things get ugly between the town, where they start to go against each other in fear that they may never get out from under the dome. The novel goes in depth where the whole town and everyone has a story. After a while it gets tiring with all the subplots, the reader really has to keep track of handfuls of characters, and for a novel that can be hard to do because you can’t really see them to know which one is which, unlike a television show. The novel really should have been broken down into more than one novel, maybe a trilogy, because so much happens between the beginning and the ending. The end, when the dome comes down could have been a better ending, though it was really crafty how he set it up. The enormity of the novel shouldn’t take away from how great this is. King, as always, did a great job of coming up with all these unique characters for a small town; he put them under a dome to see how they would react. This novel is almost like a science experiment (and on the TV show, spoiler, it kind of is). If you’re into novels with a big list of characters, and strange, unexplainable, science things happening then this will be a good novel.


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