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Review: Sinner

Hello all! Today I’m going to be reviewing Maggie Stiefavter’s novel Sinner, a spin-off to her Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy.

I forgot how much I loved Stiefavter’s writing until I read this novel last week. So good. From start to finish the writing was consistent and relatable.


Sinner by: Maggie Stiefvater: This novel is an intensely good spin-off to Stiefvater’s Wolves of Mercy Falls, or more known, Shiver trilogy. Instead of following Grace and Sam, this novel takes the reader into the lives of Cole St. Clair and Isabel Celpeper. Cole is a rock-star, a rock-star that can turn into a wolf if he really wants to. Isabel was his girlfriend back in Minnesota. Now in L.A Cole goes after Isabel, all while she has to figure herself out, and how she feels for him, and he has to figure out how to live with or without her. The novel goes on a roller coaster of emotions with these two characters. The romance between these characters is unlike any romance written in teen fiction. It’s not only because we’re dealing with a werewolf, but also the emotions are so raw, and so alive that the reader just feels what the character feels while reading. Stiefavter has such a knack for writing such emotionally beautiful pieces of fiction that really capture the reader. Without this element the novel would fall flat, as the plot is majorly based on their relationship, and the relationship with themselves. Overall, this novel is definitely worth the read if you have read Shiver, but it’s also worth the read as a stand-alone novel because you don’t need to know the back-story; it unravels itself throughout the novel in the most gracious way.


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