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Let’s Talk About… Friends Pt. II

Hello, and welcome to Part II of my Friends blog!

Okay, now it’s time to talk about seasons six through 10, the later and not so great years. Don’t get me wrong, there are some really great moments, that I am going to point out, but then there are the not so great moments, which I will also point out.

Season six starts with the morning after where Ross and Rachel remember nothing, and Chandler and Monica don’t really want to go through with their marriage plans. Chandler proposes to move in with Monica. Rachel and Ross agree to get an annulment, which Ross is to take care of, but he doesn’t because he thinks he still loves Rachel, and things can work out… uhhhhh, yeah right!

This is the beginning of Ross, the crazy weird guy, like he just loses it after this, and I can’t stand his character seriously.

Because Chandler moved in with Monica, Rachel needs to find a place to live. Phoebe doesn’t want her, claiming she has a roommate Denise, so she moves in with Ross. Who thought that was a good idea? She finds out she’s still married when she intercepts a call with their lawyer. Oh Ross. Ha and then on top of that, the judge doesn’t think they qualify for an annulment, they have to get a divorce, the big D for Ross.

In the end Rachel moves in with Phoebe. The two of them decide to go running together, but the way Phoebe runs embarrasses Rachel.

Chandler tries to give money to Joey until he finds a new roommate, but he wants none. So Chandler makes up a game “cups” so he can win all the money. Then Joey teaches Ross and looses all the money…

It isn’t long until Joey has a hot new roommate, Janine, which he finds really attractive, but he’s trying to repel her because he thinks she’s coming on to her.

Then there are Ross’s teeth.

One day while Phoebe is at Rachel’s work, she mistakes Kenny the copy guy for Ralph Lauren, and this starts gossip around the office, soon it gets around that Rachel is sleeping with Ralph to get her bosses job. Ha!

At Thanksgiving, it turns out that Mr. and Mrs. Geller don’t like Chandler because they think he does drugs, when really it was Ross covering his own guilt (what ass). When they find out the truth, they come to really like Chandler.

And this is why Rachel doesn’t cook

Mixing English Trifle with Sheppard’s Pie… yumm… well at least Joey liked it,

Joey and Janine are finally a couple, and so they hang out with Chandler and Monica, but Janine doesn’t like hanging out with them. She finds them dull and boring. This causes a riff, and for Joey and Janine to break up, and Janine to move out. What a domino effect.

Joey now has a job at the coffee house so he can pay his rent and utilities. But when he closes the shop for an hour to go to an audition, he’s fired, until Rachel pleads with Gunther to give him his job back. Well we all know how Gunther just turns to puddy around Rachel.

Rachel’s sister Jill shows up after being cut off from her father, and she goes after Ross. Uh oh. At first Rachel is okay with it, then she’s totally not okay with it, trying to get them to break up.

Everyone learns that Phoebe’s sister is making porn under Phoebe’s name, yikes!

Then about half way through season six, there’s a ‘what if’ episode. What if Rachel married Barry? What if Monica was still fat? What if Chandler quit his data entry job? Ross never found out Carol was a lesbian, or Joey was still on Days of Our Lives, or what if Phoebe was a stockbroker?

The episodes shows how different their lives would be, but how they end up with the same people.

When Rachel and Phoebe decide to take self-defense classes, Ross tells them they don’t have the Unagi, a state of total awareness. Only Ross.

Ross lost his job at the museum for being a weirdo, he becomes a guest lecturer at NYU, and for his first presentation he gets so nervous he speaks in a fake British accent, ha! But that gig ends up becoming full time, and he teaches there, and he dates a student, Elizabeth. That is a big no-no and could get Ross fired, but that makes Elizabeth want it even more.

Rachel and Phoebe’s apartment sets fire, and they have to stay with friends for a little while. One stays at Monica’s, the other at Joey’s. While it’s hell at Monica’s, Joey’s is great.

Joey gets an acting part in Mac & C.H.E.E.S.E, but he doesn’t get along with the guy who operates the robot, C.H.E.E.S.E. It isn’t until he helps him get girls that the two get along, typical Joey.

After meeting Elizabeth’s father, Paul, in which he doesn’t approve of Ross dating his daughter, Rachel starts dating Paul. Ross finally gets away with being with Elizabeth due to some blackmail (Paul’s the man)

Monica puts a two-year hold on a museum for her wedding. When they call to tell her she can move her wedding sooner this freaks Chandler out… or fake freaks him out.

Chandler goes out to buy a ring, but someone buys it before he gets the chance to, so he has to convince the buyers to switch with him, using Phoebe as a terminally ill excuse.

Rachel has to break up with Paul because once she gets him to emotionally open up; she gets a lot more than what she ever hoped.

Then Ross breaks up with Paul’s daughter Elizabeth after a water balloon incident in her dorm shows that the relationship is going no where.

Everyone knows Chandler is going to propose, Monica doesn’t suspect anything. But when they run into Richard at the restaurant, this derails Chandler’s plans.

This leads to Richard going to Monica and telling her she still loves her, and wants everything with her. Now Monica is confused with what she wants, and so Chandler must fight for her, and they finally get engaged!

Monica and Chandler I had no idea about, but I was excited when they started dating, and at first I loved them together. But over time, Chandler became less funny and I feel like that’s because he’s with Monica. But I have to admit when they got engaged, that almost made me cry I was so happy for them.

Monica begins prep for her wedding, but finds out her parents have spend the funds. Chandler says he has just the amount, but he doesn’t know if he wants to spend it all on the wedding. Already fighting about money.

Rachel teaches Joey how to sail, and in the process she turns into her father.

Joey’s new show premiers, and while that’s happening he gets an audition to play Drake’s twin brother on Days. He says no, letting his fame get to him, but when Mac & C.H.E.E.S.E gets cancelled he has to go crawling back to Days for a job.

Rachel hires a pretty-boy named Tag as her assistant, which isn’t the best solution.

Monica can’t decide who she wants as Maid of Honor so Joey and Ross hold auditions for the part.

Ross and Joey fall asleep together while watching Die Hard, at first they’re upset, but then try it again. HA!

Ross finds his Doctoral Thesis in NYU’s library, but the spot it’s in is a frequent sex stop for students. He patrols the area until he falls crime to the corner.

Monica runs into Janice, who invites herself to the wedding.

Joey let’s slip how Rachel feels about Tag, and this starts Rachel and Tag’s ‘relationship’.

The Holiday Armadillo! Ross dresses up as an Armadillo to teach Ben all about Hanukkah, since they were all out of Santa suits.

Phoebe and Rachel’s apartment is ready to be lived in again, but there is only one bedroom now. Phoebe likes the space, so Rachel continues to live with Joey. I liked when they lived together; it made sense. Those two (as much as they never made it as a couple) they made really great friends!

David the scientist guy shows up again, so Phoebe has to spend time with him, even if it’s just for a night before he goes back to Russia.

Rachel breaks Joey’s chair, Rosita, so she buys him a new one. Chandler then thinks he broke it so he replaces it with his. Joey then thinks the chair healed itself, but is jealous of Rachel’s new chair so he breaks Chandler’s chair.

But if you look closely in later episodes, the chair is back in Chandler’s apartment. Plot holes. Maybe they bought a new one, but it’s never explained.

Because all of Monica’s things are ruined in the garage, her father gives her his Porsche (this makes Ross jealous, but he doesn’t deserve it anyways).

On Rachel’s thirty birthday they all reminisce on their thirtieth birthdays. She has to reevaluate her life, so she breaks up with Tag.

Everyone learns the truth about London, and how Monica and Chandler got together. Monica was going to his room to sleep with Joey instead. This promotes a ‘what if Monica was marrying Joey instead’ moment.

Joey get’s nominated for a “soapie” award. When he doesn’t win, and the person who did doesn’t appreciate it, Joey takes it.

Rachel runs into Melissa a former sorority sister, who she made out with drunk one time. Melissa claims it never happened, so Rachel kisses her to prove it happened. That’s when Melissa comes clean about loving Rachel all these years.

The day before the wedding, Joey finds out he has to work the day of the wedding, Phoebe finds a positive pregnancy test, and Chandler is missing.

Chandler is found and dragged back before Monica could ever know, he overhears about the baby, and Monica tells him there is none. Joey kidnaps his co-star so he’s just in time for the wedding, and to be their minister, and Rachel in the one who’s pregnant.

Okay, Chandler and Monica’s wedding is really nice, but they spent way too much time on the fact that Rachel is pregnant. Yes that’s a big deal, but don’t put that plot over a wedding plot, I just hated that their beg day got rained on because of a plot that could have waited to be talked about.

After the wedding everyone tries to figure out who is actually pregnant. When Joey thinks it is Phoebe he asks her to marry him, she accepts. When he finds out it’s really Rachel, he does the same thing, but she says no. Now to find the mystery man, one missing a red sweater, possibly Tag? Oh no of course it’s Ross. So Ross is the father.

And it’s all because Rachel came on to Ross (stupid girl) using the back packing through Western Europe story.

Phoebe learns that her sister Ursula is getting married. Not only that but she’s lying about everything. So Phoebe tells Eric the truth, which leads to Eric breaking up with Ursula and dating Phoebe. But he’s so tormented about the break-up he can’t stand seeing either twin. He accidentally has sex with Ursula thinking it’s Phoebe, and that ends everything.

Phoebe also learns that Ben goes to the same private school as Sting’s son, so she pretends to be Susan, Carol’s partner to get free tickets.

Ross is now dating Mona, a girl he met at the wedding, and he hasn’t told her anything about Rachel. (Uh oh) Mona is moving very fast, and Ross doesn’t know what to do, so he does what Ross does best, be an idiot. He gives her the key to his apartment, and then changes the lock.

Because Rachel is pregnant she’s very hormonal, but she wants to go out. So Joey takes her out for a good time. Soon Joey starts to realize he’s starting to fall in love with her… awwwwwwe.

Ross is annoyed that he’s missing all of the pregnancy stuff, so Joey tells Rachel to move in with him. This causes a riff between him and Mona and she dumps him. Nothing like coming home to your boyfriend’s apartment to find his ex, who is pregnant with his child living there.

Joey finally comes clean to Ross how he’s feeling about Rachel. It takes a while for Ross to accept it. I HATE ROSS! Why does everyone have to go through him in order to date Rachel, I freakin hate him, it only gets worse after the baby is born!

So Joey takes Rachel out, and tells her about his feelings, but Rachel doesn’t have the same feelings.

Rachel’s due date is coming up, and she just wants to have her baby. She’ll try anything to induce labour, even having sex with Ross.

Finally once she does go into labour, the process takes a long time for Rachel. She has to see couple after couple come in… even Janice!

It takes hours before her baby girl is finally born. Monica let’s Rachel uses the name she was going to use for her daughter, Emma.

Joey stumbles across the ring Ross had in his pocket (given to him by his mother to propose to Rachel, even though he actually doesn’t want to) and Rachel takes it as a proposal and says yes to Joey.

Season nine just starts off really crazy. Rachel doesn’t know what to do, Joey never really proposed and doesn’t know how to tell Rachel that. Phoebe gets involved thinking Ross proposed, complicated things, and Ross is just Ross, he explodes when he sees Rachel wearing the ring, which means she said yes to Joey. OMG NO ONE CAN HAVE RACHEL!

Chandler falls asleep in a meeting, when he awakens he finds out he’s taken a job in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Management won’t let him out of it, and Monica is not up for moving, but they finally decide they both should go because they’re married.

Monica calls up her friend who’s a headhunter to see if there are any chef positions in Tulsa. She ends up finding the perfect job in New York that she can’t say no to so this leaves Chandler to go all by himself.

Joey and Phoebe decide to set each other up on dates, but Joey forgets. Telling Phoebe his friend Mike is coming, he now needs to find someone with that name. Calling out Mike’s at the coffee house (enter Paul Rudd, why hello there), they agree play along to have known each other, until Phoebe figures out the truth.

Oh and as if we already didn’t know Ross was weird, he still goes to his pediatrician, and they call him “Rossy” HA!

Even though Mike was a set up, she decided to give him a second chance, and they’ve moved very far in their relationship, giving each other apartment keys! Then David the scientist shows up from Minsk for a few days, and Phoebe is torn.

Ross and Rachel are interviewing nannies; they stumble across a male nanny, which freaks Ross out. Apparently he’s too sensitive for Ross.

That’s why Ross get’s his daughter to laugh by singing “Baby Got Back” because he’s weird. But it is kinda funny how that’s all Emma will laugh for.

Phoebe meets Mike’s parents and makes a complete fool of herself, but she finds out Mike loves her, awwwwwe.

Then we have another case of ‘no one can have Rachel’. Rachel goes out for the first time since having the baby with Phoebe, and gives a guy her number. She regrets it because of Ross (which she shouldn’t) but he gets the call anyways, and doesn’t give her the message. How dare she date?

Chandler wants to spend the weekend with Monica, but Joey has Knicks tickets the same night. Unable to let him down he says he’s not coming home that weekend. Joey finds Monica getting ready for a night, and suspects she’s cheating on Chandler, so he calls him up to tell him. The two have to play along until Chandler’s luggage is found, and the gig is up.

It’s Christmas Eve, and Chandler has to spend it in Tulsa. Hating his work, he decides to quit his job and move back to New York.

Monica helps Chandler choose what profession he should do next, he chooses advertising. Although at first he isn’t so good at that, he becomes better with the help of an unpaid internship. This means they have to postpone having children for a bit.

Rachel takes a trip back to work before she actually starts back and finds Gavin dead set on taking over her job. With this in mind Rachel starts right back up at work.

When she gets invited to Rachel’s birthday party he makes a move on her, which upsets Ross, who’s surprised?

But Rachel doesn’t know what to do, she knows she needs to talk to Ross, and Ross knows he has to talk to Rachel, but the two of them are too stupid to actually speak their feelings because they are afraid of hurting each other. The two do end up fighting, and Rachel moves out, and back in with Joey.

Now Phoebe and Joey set Ross and Rachel up on horrible dates so that they can be together, why are they encouraging this?

We learn that Phoebe was the one who used to mug Ross when he was a kid. I feel weird how they had to tie in Phoebe to the past. I know she was kinda the outsider because everyone else knew each other, but that plot was ehhh, felt very forced.

But she gives him back his Science Boy comic, and that settles Ross’s anger.

Phoebe and Mike decide to move in together (yay!) but when Mike says he never wants to get married again after his first failed marriage, this makes Phoebe think of what she wants, and she wants to get married. So they break up (boo!)

Finding it hard to stay away from each other Mike and Phoebe make-out, but their friends try hard to keep them apart.

Ross post that Chandler is gay on their college alumni page, and everyone congratulates him for coming out. But when the joke goes too far when handler posts Ross is dead, Ross sets up a memorial, where no one comes LOL

Now that Chandler’s internship is up, they are hiring three interns. Chandler spends a lot of time waiting for that phone call, where he doesn’t get any of the positions, but is offered an even better position, Junior Copywriter.

Rachel starts having dreams about Joey, or is it Dr. Drake Remorey? She struggles with these feelings. She decides to go after him at his Soap Opera party, but he’s with someone else… the girl that Ross wanted to pursue, a hot paleontologist named Charlie.

Monica and Chandler go to a fertility clinic in search of help. While there they bump into Janice, hehe. Monica and Chandler find out they both have fertility problems, and they are told to continue trying, try a sperm donor, or adopt; they choose to adopt.

While Rachel, Phoebe and Charlie are out shopping, Charlie overhears Rachel’s feelings for Joey, but thinks it’s Phoebe. Phoebe ends up running into David the Scientist, and he’s finally home for good!

Ross finds out he’s going to be a gust speaker at a Paleontologist convention in Barbados, and so everyone comes along.

David is worried he won’t add up to Mike.

Chandler tells him Mike was against marriage, so David prepares himself to propose to Phoebe. Monica has to undo all of this because she knows Phoebe still loves Mike, so she calls him and makes him step up.

Chandler also accidently erases Ross’s speech (he’s on a role with the accidents) so Ross and Charlie spend the whole night rewriting it.

Mike shows up just as David is about to propose, but Mike does first. Phoebe says no to Mike, but they end up getting back together because she knows there is a future now, (yay!)

Joey and Charlie realize they have nothing in common and break up, that leaves everyone open for who they want.

Joey learns of Rachel’s feelings, but thinks he can’t do anything because of Ross (asshole). But he soon just lets that go, they end up kissing.

Then there’s Ross and Charlie, they spend a lot of time together that they both end up kissing too.

This is where our last season begins. Ross mad at Joey, even though he pretends he’s fine. He has them over and gets very drunk, but soon he really is okay with it.

We get to see Phoebe’s brother Frank Jr. with the triplets.  They have gotten so big, and Frank claims he hasn’t slept in four years, and thinks he can get rid of one, but really he loves them all.

Once Ross is okay with Joey and Rachel, the two find they just can’t be together physically; they are just too good of friends to let that go.

Then there is Ross’s tan:

Joey writes a recommendation for the adoption agency for Chandler and Monica. The agency really like that they got a child to write it, heehee.

Mike finally proposes to Phoebe, the right way after all the botched attempts.

Then there’s Joey’s TV commercial: 

I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this hahahahahaha

Ross is up for a grant, but Charlie’s old boyfriend Benjamin is the one evaluating the applicants. He wants Charlie back, and pressures Ross for her back. He goes to Charlie about it, she denies it, but then ends up back with him. I can’t say I feel bad for Ross.

Thanksgiving rolls around and Monica doesn’t want to have it. But Phoebe convinces her to, and everyone is late for dinner, infuriating her so she locks them out.

But Monica gets a call that they’re going to get a baby and that trumps everything. They go to Ohio to visit Erica the birth mother, and the files have got them mixed up. It says Chandler is a doctor and Monica a reverend. Monica wants to keep the illusion, but Chandler doesn’t think that’s right so he pleads with Erica, and she caves.

Ross get’s his bags switched with Rachel’s and wears a beautiful shirt on his date, in fact the same shirt as his date.  

And we really learn that Joey doesn’t share food while on his date.


Phoebe spots Chandler with a blonde and thinks he’s cheating, when really Monica and Chandler are thinking of moving just outside the city into a house. The rest of them are not happy for them. They think it’s a mistake, and that they’ll be too far away.

Then there is Phoebe’s wedding. It’s incredibly beautiful. It’s a bit last minute, but it takes place outside in the snow, truly beautiful. Phoebe’s father can’t make it, so Joey offers to give her away. But then the minister can’t make it due to the snow so he ordains them and Chandler walks her down the isle.

Rachel’s father has a heart attack, so Ross goes with her to visit him. Her father is still not a fan of his. Rachel tries to make a move on Ross, but he doesn’t want to take advantage of her, so she gets mad.

Rachel then decides to move up in her career and has an interview with Gucci, while her boss is sitting right behind her. Safe to say she doesn’t get the new job, and she looses her old job. But she runs into Mark, one of Ross’s favourite people, and it turns out he knows of a job opening for her, in Paris.

Then dumbass Ross goes to her old boss to try and get her old job back, but he realizes how much Paris means to her and tells her to go.

The house across the street from Monica and Chandler’s new house goes up for sale, and you know who wants to move in.

 Hehehe, Janice is back!

But for the last time. This is the end of her Oh.My.God’s

They throw a going away party for Rachel, and Ross get’s upset when he doesn’t get a goodbye. This leads to Rachel saying it would be too hard, and then they make out, and make up.
Also Erica goes into labour three weeks early.

Now for the series finale. One I thought they were actually going to use Courteney Cox’s real pregnancy for the show, because you can tell she’s pregnant in some shots. Oh well. They adopt, and are surprised to have twins. 

Joey buys a new Chick Jr. and Duck Jr. for Chandler and Monica as a house warming present, but Chandler thinks Joey should keep them.

Then there is Ross and Rachel. Rachel wanted that last night to be perfect, and it was, but Ross wants more than that. So what does he do, he chases her down first to the wrong airport. Then he calls her, and Phoebe convinces her, and the rest of the other passengers to get of the plane. The plane is delayed which gives Ross the chance to tell her how he really feels. She still leaves, and Ross is heartbroken, until he gets home to hear a message on his machine that Rachel wants to get off the plane. He turns around and of course there she is, and bam they are together. Meh.

I didn’t care for the last shot either. A pan around the empty apartment and finishing on the door. I thought it would have been better if it was on the characters. Oh well, there you have it, Friends 10 years of friendship, love, and just downright ridiculousness.


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