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Review: City of Savages

Hello, and today I’m going to be reviewing Lee Kelly’s debut novel City of Savages.

For a debut novel, this one was stellar. I really, really enjoyed it. I hope that she decides to make another novel one day.

City of Savages
City of Savages

City of Savages by: Lee Kelly: Living in a world after World War III and where there is one ruler, Rolladin. Sky and Phee are sisters who go from one extreme of living, to an entirely different extreme. They think living under Rolladin’s rule is bad, but once they escape and are under Robert’s rule, things take a drastic turn and not for the best. Trying to convert them, Robert brainwashes and manipulates them, and the girls have to try their hardest to survive. Sky has found her mother’s old journal from right before the war and that’s how they, and the reader, find out about characters. Those excerpts from Sarah’s journal were really great exposition for the reader, because otherwise we would never have found out a lot of what makes the plot work, and flow. The plot is great; it’s a completely fresh take on the future and what could happen if World War III did ever happen. The plot was original, and exciting to read. Kelly’s characters were also so extremely likeable. Sky and Phee are complete opposites, and that’s what makes the two characters work so much, not just with themselves, but with the other characters in the novel. Their growth throughout the novel was incredible, the author did a really great job creating her characters. For a debut novel, Kelly sure hit the mark, and set it high.


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