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Review: The Kanin Chronicles

Hello, today as I mentioned in last Friday’s blog that I’ll be reviewing Amanda Hocking’s Kanin Chronicles. 

This series is a spin-off to her Trylle Trilogy , and it was just as good, if not better.

This series is set in the same world as the Trylle trilogy, and so some characters came back. It was still a really good and engaging novel!


Frostfire by: Amanda Hocking: The first novel in the Kanin Chronicles, a new trilogy from Amanda Hocking that correlates to her Trylle trilogy. In this novel we focus on the Kanin tribe. Bryn is a Kanin tracker who has to bring back those from her tribe who were raised in the human world to meet their real parents. Someone is out there hunting the people Bryn has to track until it escalates into a Queen that has been taken. They all think it’s this traitor Konstantin Black, or is it someone higher up who’s controlling him. It’s a novel filled with adventure and mystery, a mystery that will continue into the next novel. There is also a love story thrown in for good measure, although the love story just seems very forced and unrealistic. A character from her Trylle series has crossed over into this trilogy to add depth. Overall, the plotline to the novel is great and intriguing, some subplots lack, which takes the novel down a notch, but it’s definitely worth it to see what will happen next.

Ice Kissed
Ice Kissed

Ice Kissed by: Amanda Hocking: The second novel in the Kanin Chronicles. Bryn Aven loves her job, maybe a little too much; she makes her job her life and her top priority, which can lead to overseeing things. All she wants is to help make her kingdoms better, and in doing so she has gotten a few people angry, and a few people have lost their lives. Accused of treason, Bryn has to find a way to make things right. The novel ends on such a high note that the reader can’t believe it just ends there; the author leaves them wanting more. The novel starts off slowly, and a little dull, but really crescendos as the novel continues. The plot is good, it’s action packed, and filled with teen romance that can feel kinda angsty at times, but the reader can overlook it because the rest of the plot gets very engrossing. Overall, an interesting look on the magical lands of the Skojare and Kanin kingdoms and their allies with each other that the author has created.

Crystal Kingdom
Crystal Kingdom

Crystal Kingdom by: Amanda Hocking: The third and final novel in the Kanin Chronicles, and it’s a showdown. The novel starts off with Bryn running away because people either want her dead, or want her for treason. Escaping with a known criminal, Konstantin Black, Bryn starts to learn the truth about him, and the Kanin royalty. Queen Mina is insane, and is willing to kill anyone who will get in her way of her plans of domination and destroying the Kanin people. Bryn must make several sacrifices for the people she loves. This final novel did a good job of portraying Bryn, and how she sees her people, her kingdom, and the ones she loves. She’s made out to be this tough solider, but in this novel she is cracked. It’s through simple dialogue that she cracks and knows what she must do to win this fight that Viktor Dalig started years ago. Also in this novel you finally get to see the cross over between Hocking’s Trylle trilogy and this one. The main characters of that novel make an appearance, and it’s comforting for readers of the Trylle novels. Her plotlines were readable and enjoyable. Overall, Hocking’s has expanded her already creative magical place, to give life to her characters.





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