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Review: The Watersong Quartet Series

Hello, and welcome to another Amanda Hocking review, (and not the only one this week!) I’m reviewing her Watersong series.

I also read this series a few years ago, but I figured I’d start to slowly bring my collection of novels and reviews to my new home.


Wake by: Amanda Hocking: The first novel in the Watersong Quartet series. When Gemma starts acting out, her older sister can’t figure it out, but she knows it has to do with the new girls Gemma has been hanging around with. Strange things keep happening to her, she’s growing scales, she can breathe underwater, and she can’t stay away from the water for long because it’s always calling her. Slowly but surely she’s turning into something she never thought possible; a mermaid. The story is filled with a lot of little detail, and little mundane things that make the reader feel really connected to the characters. The plot is different and the reader is left to guess sometimes what will happen. Overall it was a great beginning to hopefully a really great series. Hocking is creative in creating a world that is outside of the ordinary world, which is fun!



Lullaby by: Amanda Hocking: The second novel in the Watersong Quartet series. Since Gemma has run away to become a mermaid to protect her friends and family, her family and friends are worried about her. Therefore they try everything to get her back. Once they do, they’ve made a deal with the devil that is probably not going to turn out well. The story was fast-paced and the reader could read rather quickly. Hocking paid close attention to details again, and this is what kept readers’ hooks sunken into the novel. The story’s content was different, well this whole series is different, but in a good way. A fantastical world about mermaids trying to survive, it’s a refreshing read on these mystical creatures. Some novels can become rather boring, but these novels are interesting and keep the reader interested and begging for more!



Tidal by: Amanda Hocking: The third novel in the Watersong Quartet series. The beginning is really slow; the reader gets a refresher on what has been happening as well as how the main characters’ lives are going. It isn’t until the end of the novel when all the action picks up. The sirens are looking for a new girl to join them, but there is something else keeping them to the little town, though the reader doesn’t find out just yet, but there are hints. Gemma has been cursed by the sirens and now has extraordinary powers. In order to change back into a human she needs to find a few things. But Penn, the leader of the sirens always gets what she wants, and she sets her sights on Daniel, Gemma’s sister Harper’s boyfriend. The sisters must battle up to fight for what they want. The story kept the reader interested just enough to lead you to read about the big scene that happens and keeps you interested for the final book!


Elegy by: Amanda Hocking: The final novel in the Watersong Quartet series. Gemma with the help of her sister and friends try to break the siren curse. They try so hard, but does it work? The girls battle it out one last time, and neither are going down without a fight. Gemma knows it’s up to her to save everyone, and save the ones she loves. The story was longer than previous novels, and it felt a little redundant to what happened in the previous novel, but it was still an engrossing read. The ending was simply cute and beautiful. The plot twists that happened throughout the novel are what kept it interesting and feeling like it was worth it to read until the end because the ending was truly sweet. Overall a series that is finally not about vampires, but mermaids


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