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Review: The Trylle Trilogy

Hi! Today I’m going to be reviewing Amanda Hocking’s Trylle trilogy!

Okay so in light of Hocking’s new novel that came out this past Tuesday, Crystal Kingdom, I figured I should post my review of this trilogy. Why you ask, because the novel that came out is part of her Kanin Chronicleswhich is a spin-off of this trilogy.

I read this trilogy two years ago, and that is when I fell in love with Hocking’s style of writing. It’s full of good characters and mystical places that can take you away in the story.


Switched by: Amanda Hocking: The first novel in the Trylle trilogy. Wendy Everly is a girl who has lived a traumatic childhood. Her mother tried to kill her, but what if that wasn’t her real mother? What if her real mother was a Queen? This is when she realizes that she isn’t really Wendy Everly at all, but a Princess. The novel is very engaging leaving the reader hanging and wanting more as the story concludes in the first book. The novel is fast paced with a lot of action, mixed with a little bit of romance to keep the reader really interested. Hocking does a good job of creating a setting to really paint her readers a picture of what is happening. Her characters are full of life, and  Overall a great novel, it was fun and exciting to read.


Torn by: Amanda Hocking: The second novel in the Trylle trilogy. In this novel Wendy learns who her real father is where she must choose between her mother and her father, as well as duty or love. She must marry to help her people, even if the person she marries she doesn’t love. The novel is fast paced just like the first; only this time there is less action, and more talking.There is definitely more exposition in this novel for the reader to understand what is going to happen. Hocking did it well, she didn’t make the dialogue boring, in fact it was exciting to read. In this book the reader gets to know more of the characters better, and learn of their back-story. Overall it’s an interesting novel into the ways of royalty.


Ascend by: Amanda Hocking: The third and final novel in the Trylle trilogy. Now Wendy has to try and save her kingdom, by risking her life trying to beat her father. It’s all risky, fighting for their kingdom, and fighting for the people you truly love. It was a nice way to end a series, but it was almost too perfect how everything happened, and it all felt really cheesy. The whole story and plotline were really good until the end when it got very mushy. Overall it was a good series that kept the reader reading to the end. If the ending hadn’t been so cheesy, it would have been a really great series, but it stands as a good series.


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