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Review: The Dangerous Creatures Series

Hello! Today I’m going to be reviewing Kami Garcia’s and Margaret Stohl’s newer series Dangerous Creatures. As I mentioned in my post on Monday, it’s a series spin-off to the Caster Chronicles.

Now this series has the same characters, although the main characters have reversed. The secondary characters in the Caster Chronicles are now the main characters. The reader now gets a look into their lives. It’s pretty interesting, even though the novels are a little short.

Dangerous Creatures
Dangerous Creatures

Dangerous Creatures by: Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl: The sequel that continues where Beautiful Redemption leaves off. Only this time we’re not following around Ethan and Lena, we’re following around Link, and Ridley. Ridley’s gotten herself into some bad stuff, when she thinks going to New York and handing Link over as a drummer will fix everything, she has to think again. Dark Casters, and Dark Born are the source for the evil. This novel was entertaining, and the plotline was well thought out, the ending will leave the reader tumbling to a cliffhanger that leaves so many questions unanswered. The characters also are well rounded and go through the motions throughout that kept the novel moving along. Overall, it was a good follow up, but it felt like it needed something more to keep the reader really engaged.


Dangerous Deception
Dangerous Deception

The second novel in the Dangerous Creatures series. Ridley, a once evil, turned nice Caster has been taken by the most powerful and evil Caster, Silas Ravenwood. Link, her boyfriend makes it his mission to find her and save her from what Silas will do to her. Nox, a Dark Caster, who is also madly in love with Ridley finds himself trying to save her too; only he gets caught by Silas. Seeing what Ridley is turning into Nox knows he must turn her back into the girl she was before. The novel was a compelling tale of perseverance even from the underdog. It went on adventure, after adventure on this journey to find Ridley. The plot was good, but the characters were a little boring and repetitive. The novel wasn’t long enough for the characters to really grow much, so this novel felt more like a chapter in a bigger story. The characters just felt like they were lacking, and could have been a little less unintelligent, especially Link. Overall, it was interesting, and peaked the readers’ interests, but the characters really took away from the story.


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