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Let’s Talk About… Game of Thrones- Season Three

“If you think this has a happy ending you haven’t been paying attention” -Ramsay

Hello, and welcome to Game of Thrones, Season Three where I discuss everything season 3!

First off that quote, damn does it fit perfectly into the show! This season sure had it’s twists and turns, and jaw-dropping moments, part of me doesn’t even know where to begin!

So the season starts off with Jon Snow, so let’s start there.

Right in the beginning we find out why Jon Snow betrayed the Night Watch. After witnessing a White Walker killing a baby boy and confronting the Night Watch about it, he finds out they already know what they do to the baby boys. Snow can’t have that so he joins Ygritte and her troupe. Well we know that Jon hasn’t kept his promise the watch now that he’s with Ygritte. Although he does put up quite a fight before he eventually gives in.

They end up climbing the wall. Buuuuuut then some betraying happens. We all know Jon could never truly be a Wildling, he’s too much of a goodie goodie for that. He ends up fighting Ygritte’s people and escaping. So this leads to Ygritte’s revenge, by shooting him with an arrow… three times. </3

Jon ends up back at Castleblack with Sam, but Jon is hurt in more ways than one, he’s heartbroken. 

After being a douche, Theon is hanged, but is set free, sadly. Buuuuut he’s brought back ha. I almost started to feel sorry for him once he started to regret killing the boys and burning down Winterfell. But he’s still evil. And they continue to evilly torture him. They even cut is dick off, and send it to his father. That’s when his sister thinks it’s time to save him, his father could care less.

Sansa no longer has to marry Joffery, because Loris asked the Queen if Joffery would marry his sister the Tryell girl, so now she is set to marry him. Joffery is actually pleased about this because he thinks she has the same interests as him. Either she really does, or she’s very good at lying about it, in which I think she’s really good at lying about it, and wants power.

Tywin Lannister just making plans for his disappointing children. He wants Sansa to marry Tryion (which is crazy right? Poor Sansa, at least Tyrion would treat her a lot better than Joffery ever would) and he wants his daughter Cersei to marry Loris Tyrell so she can breed more. Ha you think she’ll ever do it? All she wants is her stupid brother Jaime. But you also see her vulnerable side because she doesn’t want to be sold off again like she was with Robert.

Speaking of Jaime, he’s getting along very nicely with Brianne, and I kinda like that pairing.

This scene, oh they are so cute!

Brianne of Tarth is still on her journey with Jaime Lannister, and the banter between the two of them is hilarious. Their scenes are probably my favourite. But they get captured along the way to Kings Landing. Jaime gets his hand cut off, but still he is to be returned to Kings Landing alive. Only problem they won’t let Brianne leave. So what does Jaime do? Oh he leaves, but then turns right back around to save her from a freaking bear! Like damn, true love perhaps?

Ever since he’s been with Brianne I’ve felt bad for him, I don’t know why. But when they get back to Kings Landing Jaime goes straight to Cersei (although there is an unspoken agreement between him and Brianne. It was like yeah, go and see your sister) and Cersei looks at him, at first lovingly, once she sees his hand (or lack there of) she looks at him with almost disgust haha.

It happens, Tyrion marries Sansa and it’s not a happy wedding. But Tiryon is nice to Sansa and doesn’t force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do (sweet) but Joffery is still a piece of work saying things to her like he’ll come to her room after his uncle is done with her, can we please kill me already?

Okay, so the relationship with The Hound and Arya starts off horribly as he is found in the forest and gives away Arya Stark who was going about her business as Arie. I don’t like that the Hound does that. Arya wants the Hound killed for murdering the butcher boy. But when she runs away because who have her captive are traitors (they gave away Robert’s bastard to the voodoo chick (Melisandre) who gave birth to the demon baby, and they want to see his blood…) The Hound finds her and is going to bring her to her brother and mother. Oh poor Arya.

Samwell to the rescue? YES SAM TO THE FREAKIN RESCUE! He saves Tilly’s baby boy as they approached by a White Walker in the woods. YES I am so proud of Sam!

Bran is having dreams, a lot of dreams, and we learn that he’s a worg (can see through an animals eyes) on their journeys to the wall, they run into a Jojan Reed and his sister Meera Reed, and Jojan has visions as well. He informs them that he saw Jon Snow, but he was on the wrong side of the wall, because Jon is now with the enemies since the watch can’t be trusted. This tells Bran that he must go beyond the wall to find the three eyed raven, without his brother.

Switching gears, this season Dany wants an army, or well she needs one, so she sets her sights on one, but she has to sacrifice her biggest dragon to do so. I don’t know why she always goes to scummy people to get what she wants. I don’t know how she can leave her dragon, which is her baby; although, I had a feeling that her dragon was going to kill Kraznys. Lord he was so rude to her!  And who knew she could speak their native tongue, such a twist!

She ends up gaining Kraznys people, and setting the army free. Daario is willing to fight for her, and the he does. He fights a city so she can rule it.

Lady Olena (Margaery’s grandmother) doesn’t want Cersei to marry her grandson Loris, she’s very aware that he is gay, and they are okay with that. Tywin on the other hand finds it repulsive, yet his children are mating, gah I hate Lannisters.

Shae, good old Shae, I love her character. I love that she’s become Sansa’s hand maiden, but I wish she would trust Tryion more. I know she doesn’t trust anyone, but those two love each other!

Robb Stark is slowly losing his war against the Lannisters, but he plans to attack where they aren’t looking. Also he’s going to be a father?!?!? Ha.

OKAY, that wedding needs to be talked about, holy shit! The moment Catyln Stark went down, I cried just a little. I was not expecting that. It made sense when Robb went down because Walder Frey (Filch from Harry Potter) was mad that Robb didn’t marry one of his daughters, and instead his cousin did so. I didn’t even feel bad that Robb’s wife went down, is that cruel of me? I never really liked her.

Not sad about this.

Not sad about this either… but very gruesome.8c1d71fe5eca


Very sad moment! 😥

I’m going to end it with Stannis, because he’s weird to me. Stannis Baraetheon is just really weird. He’s all up with Red magic, and with that magic he thinks he’s going to rule all the seven kingdoms with it. Him and the red queen are just teaming together doing voodoo (that’s what I’m calling it). He wants to kill Roberts bastard because obviously he will get in the way of Stannis becoming king, but the bastard escapes, or well one of Stannis’s men lets him go ha.

But all in all, that was season three of the Game of Thrones. Players are starting to be eliminated very, very quickly! I only hope my favourites stay!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… Game of Thrones- Season Three

  1. As I previously wrote, I really liked season 3 for so many reasons, there were more action in some way, I mean it was like the most part of the characters experiences were interlaced together, some of them almost reunited and for some reasons they couldn’t say goodbye (like Arya and his mother and brother during the Red Wedding or Bran, Rickon and Jon they were in the same place but they couldn’t say nothing, luckily Bran has his supernatural power so at least he could have seen Jon)
    Theon is really cruel, I never liked him since the beginning of the story, also in the books, he acts like he’s the greatest and the coolest when Nedd Stark welcomed him like a son then he paid him back (metaphorically, since Nedd is dead) “killing” his sons. I was super sad in that scene, even though there weren’t the real Bran and Rickon, but I felt so sorry for these two children who paid the price for a guy like Theon.
    The Hound is also another character I felt to give him a second chance, I liked how he protects Arya and previously I liked how he saved Sansa from the rape. He’s definitely better than his brother.
    The Red Wedding was WOW and I wanna repeat it: Robb didn’t do a lot for the reign, he should have done more, he was the Winterfell king, after all.
    About Catelyn, I don’t know what to say about her, to be honest. She was a strong woman, when Bran was in coma she was completely dedicated to him and stuff like that, but on the other hand she seemed to doesn’t care about the other sons, apart for Robb, she tried to help him during the battle… she said to miss her children but she didn’t do a lot too to try to reunite the family.
    Dany is amazing, I loved how her character evolved throughout the seasons, she was really shy in the beginning and scared about her future, then she learned to love Khal Drogo, I still didn’t forgive Martin for have killed him and their unborn child – when in season 2 she has the vision of both I cried – and now she’s a warrior with dragons and a huge army, ready to conquer the throne. She’s amazing.
    Last but not least, Stannis Baratheon, is a weird character, I wanna use your same words. All the stuff with dark magic and the Robert’s bastard son story… I don’t think he (Stannis) deserves the throne, Nedd after have known the real story about Joffrey and the other Cersei children, wanted to act in the right way, saying Stannis had to seat on the throne after Robert and not Joffrey but actually how the things envolved lately I don’t think Nedd’s idea was good. Melisandre has a huge power on Stannis, I think she aims for that throne too.

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    1. I agree I like that the characters all started to come together this season after being all spread out before. It was really nice to see.
      Ugh Theon is super cocky and annoying. I feel like he’s finally getting what he deserves, even if it’s totally cruel, I can’t wait to see what happens with his character! I liked the Hound from the beginning, I’m not really sure why, but I’ve like him, and he’s just kept growing on me.
      I feel the same about Robb, he was a shit King, and I didn’t care for who he married either. So when they died, I was like well less characters for me to deal with haha
      Dany really grew on me, I didn’t care for her in the novels, but in the show I actually really like her, she’s so strong and beautiful. I loved her and Drogo they were so cute!
      I don’t like Stannis, he’s just one of those characters that I can live without. I kinda want Dany to have the the throne!

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      1. Aw I’m so happy we have the same opinion about the characters and how the story is evolving, it’s amazing!!!
        Yeah, it’s cruel what they did to Theon but it’s nothing compared to what he did to those poor children and what he could have done to Bran and Rickon, so I’m glad he’s suffering ahahah I’m curious too, I think he’s going to keep paying for what he did.
        The Hound has a heart at least, more than other bad characters here and there. If he didn’t care about Arya or Sansa he never acted like that.
        Great, I’m glad to know you feel the same about Robb. BUAHAHAHAHA there’s something of positive in all these deaths if the cast is huge, at least you don’t have to think to some of them anymore XD I try to laugh on that since there are few deaths I wished didn’t happen and I pray my favs live until the end 😀
        nooooooo, poor Dany 😦 Emilia Clarke is perfect for that role, she’s a real Khaleesi. I wish she has the throne too. Maybe I always loved this character because I started to follow the tv show first and then to read the books, but I can say all the actors are perfect for each role. I can say the same about the age, in the books they are some that are so young and it’s impossible to reflect the same age in the tv show, but you can think, even though the whole story is a fantasy but it can be placed in a really old age, once people seem really old when maybe they were just 40, only lately you see a 40 years man or woman and you don’t think it’s old in his/her aspect but 50 years ago you thought it. I don’t know if you know what I mean 😛
        Exactly, Stannis is just that kind of character ahahah

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