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Let’s Talk About… Game of Thrones – Season Two

“The gods have no mercy, that’s why they’re gods.” -Cersei Lannister

Hello, and welcome to Season Two of Game of Thrones, where I’ll be talking everything season two related. Obviously there are going to be spoilers, so if you don’t want to be spoiled: Don’t Read!

Season Two

This season is quite different from the first, and there is a definite shift in this season compared to last. The first season spent a lot of time setting everything up for season two, and now we are at war! Major characters have gone and died, but new ones pop up. But the major plot for this season is the fight for the iron throne, and the seven kingdoms. Now that Robert is dead, everyone thinks they have a chance at power. Everyone fighting thinks they are the rightful king, and they all have somewhat a good reason for it.

Come on, who doesn’t want to sit on this throne and rule?

Of course Joffery Baratheon thinks he is the rightful king because his “father” Robert was king before him.

Let’s just talk about Joffery for a minute- why does he exist? I don’t mind watching him when he’s ruling, but the fact that he’s just rude to everyone, and that if things don’t go his way he has a tantrum. He’s such a baby that when this happens it makes me smile:

He deserves this slap so much. And as much as Cersei is evil, not as much as her son, who she can’t even control anymore.

Then there is Stannis and Renly Baratheon, Robert’s two brothers who also think they are the rightful king because Joffery’s parentage is in question, and if Joffery isn’t really Robert’s then one of them would be the true heir.

Then there is Robb Stark who is avenging his father’s death, and trying to get to the throne. Lastly Daenerys Targaryen is fighting for the throne and seven kingdoms only because she feels she was born to take back what is rightfully hers. The throne was stolen from her father by Robert Baratheon, coming full circle here.

Theon Greyjoy, ugh he’s become a rather painfully annoying character. He wants Winterfell for himself, taking it away from the Starks after going back home to his father to the Iron Islands, only for his father to be disappointed in him.
This leaves Bran and his younger brother Rickon. They must flee Winterfell before Theon destroys them, since poor old Maester Luwin doesn’t make it as he is stabbed 😦 I am not happy about that, he was a cool old man. It’s all Theon’s fault.

New lands are established, we go to the Iron Islands to meet Theon’s father, and sister Yara. It’s kinda funny the reunion he has with his sister, and a little disturbing. I’m going to leave it at that.

The land of Qarth where Daenerys brings her people and dragons. They kill her people and steal her dragons.

Xaro Xhoan Daxos claim to have riches, but when she goes to steal the riches for ships, she is sadly disappointed to find the vault empty. Getting her revenge she traps him in the vault stealing anything that is gold lying around.

Also Drogo makes a come back!! I’m so happy! It was literally a two minute scene that was a dream sequence. But I was so happy to see the two of them back together again.

I have to add this photo because it’s so cute, the baby they never got to have.


Jon Snow heading North of the Wall with the Wildlings. He is struggling with his own urges, and betraying the Nights Watch. Taking Ygritte he’s supposed to kill her, but he can’t, so instead he takes her prisoner.  She banters with him to annoy him. We all know where this plotline is going to go…

Sansa Stark has to deal with being with Joffery. She’s almost raped, but the hound saves her. She becomes a woman, so to speak, and she is frightened because she can now have Joffery’s babies. The hound offers her to leave with him, but she can’t just leave. Too bad because I personally love the hound and Sansa’s growing relationship. I love that he calls her “little bird”.

Poor Sansa can’t leave, (even though once the Lannister’s have won the battle, and the Tyrell’s have made an agreement that Margaery will marry Joffery now) Little Finger tells her that Joffery would never let his “play-things” go. Poor girl.

Arya has run away with the boys, heading North of the Wall, and she’s just trying to stay alive. She  is found out to be a girl, though no one knows who she really is. Hiding from the Lannisters, she ironically becomes a hand maiden so to speak to Tywin Lannister, but she also learns about what’s going on on the outside with her brother and the Lannisters. She’s still tough as nails, and it’s fun to watch her character.

Speaking of the Lannister’s, Jaime is held captive by Robb Stark, and they are using him to bargain for the Stark girls, until Catelyn sends him with Brienne of Tarth (a new character who is a girl warrior, who used to fight and protect Renly until his sad demise, and damn she’s such a good actress) to Kings Landing against Robb’s orders. That causes a drift between him and his mother. Not only that, but Robb gets married against his mother’s wishes as he is already arranged to get married to someone else, instead he marries Talisa, who is played by Oona Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter- how amazing is that?!? I hate her character, but that’s still so cool!

Cersei’s just as evil as ever, she almost kills her youngest son, the son that doesn’t deserve to die! Though her “justifications” are to protect him since she thinks they won’t win the battle. This season because she doesn’t have Jaime to confide in, she turns to Tyrion, but that isn’t the same.

Now Tyrion has gone behind Cersei’s back to find out who the rat is that tells Cersei everything. He also has to lead the war in the battle of Blackwater Bay. Now that was an epic battle, where Joffery is afraid, and as much as he wants to be brave, he’s a coward in the end. (No surprise there) But his romance with Shae is probably the cutest thing ever.

Now the battle: it was intense! Stannis is coming to assault King’s Landing because he wants to take down everyone, and become the king of the seven kingdoms and the iron throne. He wants to rule and have all the kingdoms come together with red magic. Him and the, Red Queen (Melisandre), who believes in many different gods, and all this magic.

Sidenote: she gave birth to this very strange, and crazy demon thing that was sent and killed Renly 😦 to get rid of him, and help Stannis in gaining power of the throne.

I’m going to miss Renly, he was so cute. Plus him and Loras made such a cute couple. 🙂

The viewer almost thinks that Tyrion is going to die, because he must fight against Stannis’s army. The hound leaves the battle for Joffery to die (but of course he won’t die) and in the end the Lannister’s win.

The season ends with poor Samwell, and the White Walkers, this looks like it’s going to be a pretty interesting plot:

Season three, you look like you’re going to be one heck of a season, because this one was pretty intense.


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