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Let’s Talk About… Game of Thrones – Season One

Hi! I’m thinking of turning this into a section about the TV shows I’m watching called TV Corner. Today I’ll be talking, and recapping Game of Thrones– Season One.

Because there is so much to talk about for just one season, I’m breaking the blog up into seasons. Otherwise it would be a ridiculously long blog. This blog only contains everything with season one.

Now if you’ve never seen the show before, damn you need to watch it. Highly intense and you just can’t stop watching, that’s what I found when I started to watch. Having the DVDs for seasons 1&2 for almost two years, I finally decided it was time to watch. Even though I’m currently watching quite a few shows, I added this to my list. Now like my other TV Corner blog, Let’s Talk About Dawson’s Creek, there are going to be spoilers, so please if you don’t want to spoil yourself, DO NOT READ. Otherwise please, stay, read, and enjoy everything there is to discuss about Game of Thrones.

If you’ve ever read the books, this first season is like the books come to life. It’s truly amazing, all the hard work that the actors, the directors, writers, the prop directors, CGI directors, everyone, I know I’m missing a lot of people, like stunt doubles, there is so much that goes into this show to make it so flawless. I completely love this adaption. So far season one is probably my favourite season (I’ve only seen up to half of season three), but the show definitely blew me away with stories and characters.

Season One

Let’s start off by looking at the family trees to get a sense of all the characters, because there are quite a few of them. Although, there are a lot that don’t last more than this season sadly.

Game of Thrones - Family Trees
Game of Thrones – Family Trees

So the series starts off with John Arryn dead, killed by a Lannister because he found out what later Bran Stark, son of Ned Stark, hand of the King, sees something he shouldn’t see, and this causes a full out war. Because what he sees can determine who is next to the throne. Pushed out a window, he endures a long fall, sending him into a coma. His life is still endanger when someone comes into his room and tries to finish the job by slitting his throat. Determined to find out who is under these attacks, his mother, Catelyn Stark, leaves his side in search. Finding out that it’s a Lannister sword, she takes Tyrion as her prisoner (as it’s his sword). She takes him to her sister Lysa Arryn, for a trial. Like the fool, and sarcastic character that Tryrion is, he talks, and fights his way out of it, because after all, he isn’t the one dead-set on keeping Bram silent. Out of all the Lannisters you come to really like Tyrion, he’s not like his sick twisted family.

Meanwhile, Bran wakes, but he is now a cripple which makes him angry because he thinks he’ll never be a knight and shoot arrows as one. But he’s told that they can make him plates so he can ride a horse and no one will be able to tell the difference.

Ned Stark, on the other hand gets charged with treason, but let’s back up a couple steps. The King, Robert Baratheon, one of his good friends get charged by a boar while out hunting, this leads to his demise. Before he passes he asks Ned to write up who will be the next to the throne. He instructs it to be Ned, until Joffery comes of age. Well things don’t go down that way. The Queen, Cersei, has other plans, and has always had ulterior motives. She doesn’t believe Ned is telling the truth, and that Joffery should be king now. Charging Ned with treason and sentencing him to the dungeons until he commits to his crimes, or else he’ll see his demise. Ned’s eldest daughter, Sansa is to marry Joffery, and up until that point she was very willing to, but now not so much. His youngest daughter, Arya, all she wants is to be able to use a sword, she doesn’t want to act like a princess, she’d rather do boy things. After things go sour with her father, she gets that wish and is on her way to the wall where all bastard boys go. This is where her half brother, Jon Snow is. He is Ned Stark’s bastard and that is where he works, fights and protects, with his friend Sam.

Sam is a funny, comic relief type character, kinda like Tyrion is. Although Tyrion is more comic relief in the sarcastic, witty kind of way, where as Sam is just more dumb, and doesn’t know anything, and that’s how he relieves tension, by being a little dumb and silly. 

You come to learn that he’s known as a coward, and was sent to the wall to become a man pretty much, it was that or his parents were going to kill him.

I know, it’s sad, who would want to kill him?

Now when Ned’s eldest, Robb, hears of his father’s imprisonment, he goes to war with the Lannisters, and wins. All while stealing Jaime Lannister (Cersei’s twin, lover, and father to her children, *_* ) Though the only people who know the truth about King Joffery’s linage, are either dead, or Bran who’s a young child. Catelyn has yet to find out, but for now she’s got him as a prisoner. This just amounts to the one side. The other has to do with the dragon princess.

Viserys Targaryen needs someone to marry his sister, Daenerys, so he can wear the crown and be king. He’s a greedy man, who only thinks of himself. When Drogo agrees to marry her, she becomes more powerful than Viserys will ever be, and he can’t have that, his father was the dragon king, and he shall take that title. Getting over jealous and wanting his crown now he threatens Daenerys and Drogo, so Drogo gives him his golden crown.


Drogo injures himself in a battle that Daenerys started, and from there his wound causes him to suffer and eventually die, even though Daenerys tried with all her might to help him, even using a witch who killed both him and her son. In the end she burns the witch, and Drogo with the dragon eggs. That’s when they hatch, and she truly becomes the dragon princess.

That is pretty much the summary of season 1. I’m sure I’ve left out a sub-plot or two, but for the most part those are the main plots to season one. All of ten episodes and shit just went down. It was a great introductory season to all the characters, and all the worlds, even though some characters don’t carry on. There are characters like Ned Stark, and Drogo who I’m going to miss because their characters were so memorable. It’s always the evil ones who seem to live on forever, *cough, cough* Joffery, can someone just kill him already? Even from the first season he’s a piece of shit who will never redeem himself, and his mother is no different. She’s also scum. Ayra has to be one of my favourite characters, just so tough, and badass for a what ten year old girl, I wish I could have been like her when I was her age ha!

This whole season sets up everything for the next season where you know things are about to turn real ugly, but that just makes for some great television. Only expect more shit to go down from here.



5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… Game of Thrones – Season One

  1. I really loved the first season, I’m finishing to read the first book too.
    I liked how the tv show reflects the book. Unfortunately I know it’s not the same for season 2, I liked it but I have to say to prefer season 3.
    In Italy the season 4 in free tv is going to start this November, I really can’t wait.
    What are your favorite characters?
    I really love Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow and Danaerys Targaryen. I wish one of these three characters sit on the Throne of Swords.


    1. Thank you for your comment! I agree with you, season three is a really good season, and probably my favourite aside from season one. I’m about to start watching season 4 so I’m hoping it’s just as good!
      Tyrion Lannister is definitely one of my favourites along with Arya Stark, I loved Renly Baratheon, but they killed him off 😦 I love Brienne of Tarth as well, her relationship with Jaime was great, I can’t wait to see what will happen with them!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m so happy we have the same thoughts about the seasons.
        I’m curious to watch season 4 too :3
        Arya is such a cool character, she’s really strong, I love her. She’s young and determinated. Not like her sister Sansa, she’s really boring and I’d like to slap her ahahah oh and the same for Joffrey, oh God! His face is ARGH! :/
        Brienne of Tarth *_* I love her too, and I like how Jaime in the end has a heart too, and come back to save Brienne. It’s not the Kingslayer he used to be, actually I’m changing idea on him and I’m curious too about their relationship. And the real Kingslayer for me is Martin, he kills a lot of people throughout the book serie and I’m thinking about: “who’s gonna sit on that throne if he kills everybody?” XD
        Tywin Lannister is intorelable just like his daughter Cersei.
        Tyrion is amazing, he’s really smart and I love his lines, I loved the scene of his wedding with Sansa and what he told to Joffrey ahaha
        oh and I can’t stand Lysa’s son too, OMG he’s so crazy!
        What about the Red Wedding? I was like: “WTF?” XD but actually Robb didn’t do a lot for his people, I mean, he should have been the Winterfell king, at his father’s place, but I though he could do more, (it’s just my opinion) I’m so sorry for his wife and his unborn child though 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I agree I like Arya over Sansa, but I think Sansa is starting to grow into her character more as the seasons go by, she definitely used to be super annoying to me, but then she was supposed to marry Joffrey so I felt bad for her. Joffrey is just something else, the actor does such a good job playing him! Jaime coming back for Brienne was possibly the cutest!
        Geez the red wedding was insane, I was not prepared when I watched that! I actually cried when Lady Stark was killed… I talk about it in my season three recap if you want to read that, here’s the link:

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      3. In the books Sansa is really annoying probably more than in the tv show.
        Yeah, the actor who plays Joffrey is really good but I don’t like his face at all, as I told you I’d like to slap him ahahah
        I really appreciated Jaime act saving Brienne, I think he understood what she did to him for all that time and in some way he had to pay her back.
        I’m gonna leave you a comment below your GoT season 3 post right now 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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