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Review: Rodin’s Lover

HI! I apologize for my very long hiatus! I’ve been quite busy you see, last Friday (July 17) I was out all day at a festival called Warped Tour, which I plan to tell you all about very soon. Right after that I jumped in a car on vacation to the east coast… not that Toronto isn’t east already, but farther east  to New Brunswick, Canada where the deer crossing sings turn into moose crossing signs, the speed limit is 110 km/h (that’s roughly 70 miles to all you Americans) and front tinted windows are illegal (who knew?!)

BUT that just means I have a whole lot of content just waiting to be upload! So here is my first review after this hiatus, Rodin’s Lover by Heather Webb, a novel from my Goodreads challenge.

Rodin's Lover
Rodin’s Lover

The cover of this novel makes it look like a sad novel, it wasn’t sad, but there were definitely a lot of emotions that ran high; it was like a roller coaster ride!

Rodin’s Lover by: Heather Webb: Camille Claudel is a sculptor, but since she’s a girl no one takes her seriously. She works hard just to be recognized. Her father believes in her but her mother who has always despised what she wants to do, thinks she’ll never make it. One day she comes across a famous sculptor Auguste Rodin, he helps her to become the sculptor she’s always wanted to be. Soon the two fall in love, but when Camille learns Rodin has a lover at home she goes crazy, thinking thoughts like he’s only after to her to steal her work, and that he doesn’t really love her. The novel was very well crafted, the character of Camille was a character the reader loved to hate; she was really well written but she came off as a very annoying person. Sure she was very passionate about art, but she was over passionate, and that is what made it hard to read her character. Rodin’s character was also really well written, and he was more lovable. The plot was good. It was a simple plot; a coming of age story of Camille.  Overall, it was a nice, easy read with simple plots and some really good character development.


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