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Review: Revival

Hello! Today I’m reviewing Stephen King’s novel Revival.

Before I get started, I just want to say that I think this novel is a novel that only Stephen King fans will read. It’s not his best work, it’s still interesting don’t get me wrong, but he has other way more amazing novels out there! But please, don’t let that stop you from reading this review! 


Revival by: Stephen King: The story takes place in the point of view of Jamie Morton throughout the ages. Starting at the age of six, he meets a man named Charlie Jacobs, the new Reverend in town. He’s obsessed with electricity and decides to help people with his electricity. The first person is Jamie’s brother Conrad. After Charlie Jacobs’s wife and son die in a car accident he turns his back on his faith, and starts to make his living healing people, all while he’s got a secret agenda that has nothing to do with healing people. He wants to know what there is after you die. Using electricity, lightening, Jamie, and a dead girl he tries to find out. As much as it’s a bit of a horrific read, it’s not the best King work. At times the novel’s plot is a little dull, but once you get to why Jacobs’s is doing everything the reader can’t stop reading. The character of Jamie was really well written, and he was made to really give Charlie Jacobs’s character life; this helped make him have purpose. Overall, this novel is very religion versus science driven, but it’s written in a very tactful way, with very believable characters to round out the whole story. It was definitely a very interesting read, if you’re a fan of horror, or curiosity this is a pretty good read.


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