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Review: Cruel Beauty & Crimson Bound

Hello everyone, today I’m going to be reviewing both novels from Rosamund Hodge.

At first I thought that these two novels were connected, but they are not and are two completely different stories with different characters. What is similar is that both are based off classic tales. Cruel Beauty is based off of Beauty and the Best, while Crimson Bound is based off Little Red Riding Hood. Both novels take a classic and twist it. I think the author did a great job creating these out of this world stories. I think they’re worth checking out and reading.

Cruel Beauty
Cruel Beauty

Cruel Beauty by: Rosamund Hodge: A heavily mythological story about a girl named Nyx. She is born into a family where her entire life has been devoted towards marrying the Gentle Lord because her father made a bargain with him. On her seventeenth birthday she sets off to be married; not only is it her mission to be married to him, but also she must destroy the Gentle Lord in order to free the land where she lives, Arcadia. It’s a fascinating read, and the plotline is fairly entertaining. If you’re a fan of myths, and Greek culture, it’s a great read for that. The romance theme in this novel is also seen a lot, and proves how strong love can be. It kind of resembles Beauty and The Beast in some ways, the fact the Gentle Lord is a demon and is seen as a monster is like the beast, but Nyx still sees the good in him. The ending of the novel takes quite the turn, but it’s still really well written. Overall, it was a great novel on love even though the plot dwindled at times.

Crimson Bound
Crimson Bound

Crimson Bound by: Rosamund Hodge: Rachelle has been living a life she never wanted for three years. Becoming bloodbound at the age of fifteen, she had the choice to either die, or live with consequences. She chooses the consequences; and now she must find the sword that can save her world. Forced to guard the king’s son Armand, a man she hates, she learns to entrust him to help her find the sword. Together the two take on dark magic, all while becoming friends, and a little more than that. The novel is full of fantasy and romance. At one point there is a love triangle between Rachelle, Armand and a character named Erec who is evil. Based off the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood, this novel takes a classic and twists it into something completely different. The beginning of the novel the reader can tell that the story is from the classic fairy tale, but after the first few chapters, the story takes on a life of it’s own. The writing is very whimsical and descriptive which enhances the story’s plot and the characters. The characters are interesting, although they don’t come off as fully rounded. They could have been a little better written. Overall, this novel was fast-paced and really enjoyable to read; the plot and the writing were flawless.


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