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Let’s Talk About… Dawson’s Creek

Hello all, so instead of posting my monthly movie blog I decided to change it up a bit. I just finished watching Dawson’s Creek yesterday and I wanted to talk about the series.

**NOTE** This is going to contain spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the show, and are planning on it, I don’t recommend the read, but of you want to be spoiled go right ahead! All other readers are welcome as well! 🙂

The show originally aired from 1998 until 2003 and is now 12 years old, damn!

So the show starts in Cape Side (a fictional town I might add) with our 15-year-old characters, Dawson, a kid who is obsessed with making movies, his best friend Joey who lives down the creek (hence the title of the show), who becomes his love interest after the first episode, his other best friend Pacey, who’s goofy and the class clown, and the new girl to the small town, Jen, who of course becomes a love interest to Dawson.

Other characters come into play later that I personally love and that is Andie and Jack McPhee.

If you didn’t know these characters are played by:

James Van Der Beek PictureJames van der Beek: Dawson Leery

Katie Holmes PictureKatie Holmes: Joey Potter

Michelle Williams PictureMichelle Williams: Jen Lindley

Joshua Jackson PictureJoshua Jackson: Pacey Witter

Kerr Smith PictureKerr Smith: Jack McPhee

Meredith Monroe PictureMeredith Monroe: Andie McPhee

These for the most part are the main characters, since Andie is the only one who leaves the show after season 3. Now that you know the players, let’s get to the plot. So for the most part season’s 1-4 deal with the characters in high school, through the high times and the definite low times. From the first and second season Dawson is obsessed with making his life into a movie. I felt like that was his whole plot, he kept trying and trying to make it perfect, apparently by the series finale he gets it right and the movie becomes a TV show. It felt like TV inception, watching a TV show, that is about that same TV show with different actors.

We also have love triangles for days, because what’s a teen drama without a love triangle?  It first starts with Dawson, Joey and Jen, but then when things start to even out, well the writers throw the audience another love triangle with Dawson, Joey, and Pacey, and it pretty much stays that way throughout the rest of the series. It’s annoying  and frustrating to watch, or maybe it’s just me because I can’t stand Dawson’s character, AT ALL. He’s so whiney, and acts immature, he can’t do things on his own, and he’s just so boring to me. I feel like they should have made him the wingman instead of Pacey, because Pacey was super interesting to follow around.

This leads me into the boys of the show! (I will get to seasons 5&6 after)

Now I actually started watching the show because of a song by The Summer Set (Jukebox) the line goes “Well I must confess I’m a little obsessed with Dawson’s Creek.” I loved screaming the lyric so I figured I’d better watch the show. (Sidebar another one of their songs made me watch How I Met Your Mother, which was a totally well worth it decision, this one not as much.)

So I don’t know about you, but when I watch a show I always have a favourite character, and a favourite boy. I feel like this show was slim picking with the boys you could like. You have Dawson, the boy I can’t stand, he’s still cute (and his hair in the first season into the second man, such a cutie) but his character was just a big turn off. But then his dad dies, and you can’t really hate on him anymore because you feel bad for him. I still don’t like him, but I definitely hated him less. Then there’s Pacey, cute, light on his feet, quick witted, but sometimes just undoubtedly stupid. I’m glad that Joey chose him in the end because fuck Dawson, it’s one of those #sorrynotsorry moments. As much as Pacey had a lot of growing up to do, and man he grew up throughout the series, I felt proud that I got to witness it (and yes I know he’s fictional character.) From little teenager wearing Hawaiian t-shirts, to the guy in a suit, then at last to the guy doing what he loves, cooking in a kitchen, it was well worth it to watch him grow.  Then there’s my favourite boy: Jack. Jack is gay, even though he does not look it at all in this series, but his character is portrayed as gay, and he does the role justice. I love Jack, he’s sweet, he’s compassionate, and the relationship he has with Jen is amazing. He looks out for her, and is always there for her, can I say *swoon* Those two are BFFLs, I love his character, even though he did go off the rail a little in season five, I can’t help but love him. I also love who he ends up with, that was super cute!

Those are your choices for season regulars to grow to love. There are a few stragglers along the way, but no one stays long in the world of Dawson’s Creek.

My favourite character on the other hand, I have two, and they both became season regulars, but where only on the show for a little bit. I also hated that they both had the same fate, that made me a little angry. So first is Andie McPhee, I loved that she was bold, she was smart, she was funny, I wished to be here. But then they made her crazy! She had a mental breakdown seeing her dead brother everywhere, so she slowly moved off the show. First to go to a clinic for help, then she got better but decided to go visit an aunt in Italy to get a break from Cape Side, and she never returned (until I believe the season 4 finale, and then again for the series finale.)

My next favourite character I haven’t introduced yet because she didn’t show up until season 5 and that’s Audrey Liddell.

Busy Philipps PictureBusy Philipps plays Audrey Liddell

Her character was just like Andie’s except feistier. Audrey took no shit from no one, she was her own person, she didn’t care about everyone else, she pretty much cared about herself, but she was so full of life. She was so out there, and I loved her. Then she went crazy, and had a drinking problem. She tried to get sober, but she wasn’t the same after that. I just want to thank the writers for making characters that I love, and then dashing them, because that wasn’t cool.

This brings me to season 5&6. I heard that these seasons weren’t even supposed to have happened, but I’m really glad that they did because in my opinion, season five was the best season ever. The gang gets to college, where they aren’t as awkward as they were in high school, the scene is bigger than just Cape Side, we get to explore the city of Boston. New things started to happen for  the characters, it was all really exciting. Season six kinda fell flat because the stupid love triangle of Dawson, Joey, Pacey happened again, and we all thought we were over this hump, like seriously that plotline should have died back in the high school days, and no matter how much they tried to hide it, those three characters just were super annoying when they were together. But for the most part the characters were more mature especially in season five.

Now for the ending of the show, why did they have to get so sad? And why did they kill Jen off? Couldn’t they have left it without all of that? I guess all the characters had to go through the emotions of one of their best friends dying to get to the point at the end, but seriously why Jen. Poor Jen is what I’m saying. I wasn’t always a fan of Jen because she’s so cynical about everything, but she was more fun to watch then Joey was. Joey I found her to be annoying, whiney and in want of attention a lot. Kinda like the female version of Dawson. It was still nontheless a great way to end the series. Everyone got to set off into their own sunsets doing what they wanted, or what they were hoping to want to do, which I thought was sweet.

And now that’s all over, I think I actually am going to miss these goofy characters that I couldn’t stand half the time. I’m going to miss their world, and I can officially say that I’m a little obsessed with Dawson’ Creek for good.






6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… Dawson’s Creek

  1. Hi darling, do you remember of me? I’m Mimi K of Buzznet 😛
    OMG I really love Dawson’s Creek, I finished to watch it too earlier this Summer, watching the re-runs on Italian tv (I need to get the DVDs ASAP) and it’s always good to watch a 90s teen drama again, it makes me think about my childhood/teenie years and it makes me feel a little bit nostalgic in some way 🙂
    I think it’s one of the best tv shows ever about this genres from 90s, with Beverly Hills 90210.
    Just like you I really love Audrey’s character, she’s a hurricane and she’s been a breath of fresh air in a show of already a few of seasons with almost the same characters. I really liked their relationship with Pacey, and he’s my second favorite character, I love Joshua Jackson and his character was amazing, he’s my kind of boyfriend, he’s sweet and nice, he would do anything for the person he loves. Ok I should stop to fangirl over him ahaha
    I always thought Joey was the female copy of Dawson, damn, I’m so glad I’m not the only one to think that, she’s too much insicure, a little bit paranoid and immature, I think she never known what she really wanted like she was afraid to make a mistake or break the rules for once, when she was with Eddie I thought he could help her but when he tried she pushed him away. And I think the same about Dawson, how many times he wanted to give up with his dream to become a movie director? Damn, I hated him for that XD
    Jack and Jen friendship was one of the best I’ve ever seen on the little screen, they were adorable together and Jen’s death always makes me cry like a baby, I love Michelle Williams and her character was really great too.
    I appreciated how the show ended, with Joey and Pacey staying FINALLY together after a lot of ups and downs, I always supported them as a couple.
    Oh God, now I really wanna watch Dawson’s Creek again ahahah
    Thanks for the post dedicated to this amazing tv show ❤


    1. Yes I do remember you! 🙂 Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you liked my blog, and the show. It was a great show that I loved watching, although Dawson got pretty annoying haha but otherwise it was good. I know I learned quite a bit about movie directing from this show!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad you remember me 😀
        you’re so welcome, I’m gonna follow your blog because it’s really interesting 😉
        Ahahaha yeah, it’s true! I was like: “c’mon Dawson, where are your balls? Fight for your dream, don’t be so stupid and don’t waste your time with Joey” I mean they always portraited Pacey like the one didn’t care about school and his future, but then he always found a job after have left school: at the restaurant first then in Audrey’s dad society and finally in the end he opened his own restaurant.
        By the way Todd was such a character too ahahaha

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you! I followed you as well! 🙂 Yeah Dawson was so tied up with the idea that he was supposed to be with Joey that he couldn’t see anything else, which was kinda annoying. haha I loved Pacey no matter what, he may have done stupid things but at least he was doing something for himself. And lmao Todd, he was okay, I don’t know Chad Michael Murray playing bad boys I just doesn’t work for me so I had a hard time with his character lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. You’re welcome ❤
        Yeah, I mean ok Joey is your dearest friend, you know her since childhood but definitely they are too much similar and it couldn't work, also when they had sex the night of Joey's birthday and then she knows about Natasha, I was like: "Damn, Dawson! Again?" it was all a huge mistakes, he had to tell Joey about Natasha first to having sex, he gave her false hopes and maybe for once I was on Joey side ahahah
        exactly, Pacey made mistakes too, ok, he's human too, but he always tried to be better than teachers and also his family thought of him.
        Actually I didn't remember about Chad Michael Murray was in Dawson's Creek, I mean I followed the show back in the years but because of school I lost few episodes so when I watched it again earlier this Summer I was like: "oh I didn't remind of him" XD I don't know which one was worse between Charlie and C.J., this last one seemed to be super perfect and then I suppose left Jen as all the others before him, and he's the biological father of Amy and I was like: "such an asshole" ahahah

        Liked by 1 person

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